Answers to Four Unsolved Haitian Mysteries

Jean-Jacques Dessalines violent death at the hands of his own lieutenants when he was ambushed


Mystery #1

Haitian students want to know who assassinated Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines at Pont Rouge. It turns out either Yayou, Gideon, Mentor or Vaval stabbed him in the back, and Delpeche, Marcadieux, and Tonnere tried to defend him and died. Alexandre Petion was in on the plot to take Dessalines's life, as well as Henri Christophe. Blacks and mulattoes killed him and also defended him.

Mystery #2

Another question is what became of the indigenous Taino Indians? Historians say vestiges of the tribe today live in a village called Louhou. Their culture consists of eating the Indian cake, cassava; drinking the Indian beer, mabi; and living in the Indian dwelling, Joupa. But Haitians today adamantly refuse to identify themselves with their Taino ancestry, preferring to view themselves as of African-descent instead.

Mystery #3

King Henri Christophe was rumored to have a mistress with whom he sired a son, Nord Alexis. But that is not so. Rather Alexis was the son of an illegitimate daughter of Christophe's and assumed a royal position. As head of state Alexis jailed corrupt officials, the only one to do so, and he was not forgiven, because government corruption was a way of life.

Mystery #4

Debates have abounded on Francois Duvalier's ancestry. His surname is the only one in Haiti and his grandfather originated from either Martinique, Turk and Caicos Islands, or the Bahamas. But his mother was of Haitian blood and she gave birth to Duvalier in Port-au-Prince.

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Sidney Dorsett says...

François Duvalier was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on April 14, 1907. His family allegedly were Haitian "middle class." His grandfather was a Haitian tailor.

His father was Duval Duvalier who allegedly taught school and was a Municipal Court judge.

And his mother allegedly was Ulyssia Abraham, a Carrefours baker.

He openly admitted his pastime being the practice of voodoo.

He graduated in 1934 from the Haitian National University Medical School.

It's a lie that he was from The Bahamas.


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Alix Monde says...

Francois Duvalier was the son of Duval Duvalier nèg lagwadloup (de la Guadeloupe, DOM - département d'outre mer de la France, and migrated to Haiti due to misfortune (afé ti nèg pat bon).

His son Francois was the fruit of a relationship to a woman living in Carrefour who died two days after her son was born. Duval Duvalier died in 1966 of old

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