Here we celebrate all the holidays. Gett for your St Valentine's day, Christmas and Easter. You will also find all the relevent information about Carnival, Fete Champetre that are celebrated in many cities and towns in Haiti

Light House a Tradition in Haiti during Christmas

There is a Christmas tradition in Haiti that remains vivid in my imagination, the construction of Light Houses or Fanal, in Haitian Creole.

You would have to be part of this tradition to enjoy it. The construction of Fanaux during the Christmas season is something that is left only to the pros, the real artists, the well known builders in the neighborhood.

Watch the Music Video:

These Light House take all shapes and sizes, ranging from stars, to Cathedrals, boats, etc. In some neighborhood, competitions are organized to determine the best Light House made

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Christmas songs or Chante Nwel in Haiti

You can never miss Christmas season in Haiti. On the radios, people started listening to Christmas songs or Chante Nwel usually around November 3 which is "La Toussaint" every year until Christmas day.

These songs are broadcasted all day long on the different radio stations throughout the country.

In many schools they organize Christmas song competitions and usually the winners of these competitions become professional stars with high visibilities and popularity.

It is also a tradition in Haiti around the Christmas season to teach children Christmas songs and poetry and have them perform these songs and poems in public just before Christmas.

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Christmas Tradition in Haiti

In Haiti, Christmas traditions varies from cities to country sides. However, no matter where you are in in the country, you can easily observe happiness and joy.

For the Haitian people, Christmas or how it is called "Nwel" is a special season, whether you are an adult or a child. It is not so much about the money in Haiti because most of us do not have much to live on, even less to share by buying expensive gifts like it is done in the richer countries like the Canada, the Unites States and France, just to name a few.

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What Valentine's Day should mean to all Haitians

In the aftermath of Haiti Earthquake, Valentine's day should have a very special meaning to us Haitians. Valentine's day should be a special day to remind us Haitians how fragile we are and for us to appreciate even more our loved ones.

If we don't learn anything else from Haiti earthquake, we should at least learn that we can't wait for tomorrow to do something that needs to be done today. The same way, we can't wait to show our love because it might be too late.

Let' show some love on this Valentine's Day with this beautiful Haitian music video from Gracia Delva for this Special Valentine's Day:

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