Hotline to Fight Corruption in Aid Programs in Haiti

Since 2010 when Haiti's 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck, hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated by individuals, foundations, and non-government organizations (NGO) to aid in reconstruction efforts. But very little of that money has actually been used for the dozens upon dozens of projects necessary to getting Haiti's infrastructure repaired and strengthened. Many factors are involved that have thrown up blockades toward achieving more and faster progress in planning and implementing building and road-reconstruction projects, as well as human-aid services.


Three reasons are interfering with the re-building of Haiti: many donors have not honored their pledges, mis-spending has occurred, and the government of Haiti (GOH) has not provided transparency in its spending accountability practices.

To deal with the first two reasons, Transparency International (TI), working through its partnerships with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Office of Inspector General (OIG), and La Foundation Heritage pour Haiti (LFHH) has set up an anti-corruption hotline. The hotline is a first-line offense to tackling corruption as it occurs in every part of Haiti. With citizen input, USAID can take action against those aid agencies involved in corruption activities, whether they be locally based or at the international level.

A comprehensive ad campaign has been mounted to inform the Haitian people of this invaluable resource. The hotline is being advertised on all media outlets, extending to advertising on the sides of official vehicles. The hotline operates 24/7, receiving complaints in French, Créole, and English. Its service began in December 2012.

For complaints, call: (509) 3701-7089 or (509) 2513-7089, toll free

Text message, at *550 in Haiti

Send Email to:

or Mail, at:
La Fondation Heritage pour Haiti
Section Haitienne de Transparency International (TI)
Boite postale 16136
Bureau Postal de Petion-Ville
Petion-Ville, Haiti NT 6140

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