How A Trip To Haiti Can Get You To Harvard University


Sarah Palin Visiting Children In Haiti

Beside the many well-intentioned young children who usually take non profit mission trips to poor countries such as Haiti and others, some college-bound students are engaged in them just to increase their chances in getting into a good university. Frank Bruni who wrote the article: "To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti?" calls it "drive-by charity work" in a the interest to impress admission staff.

He gave examples where some friends post on Snapchat and Instagram "typically showing one of them "with some poor brown child aged 2 to 6 on their knee" and explained "while many are well-intentioned, some seem not to notice poverty until an exotic trip comes with it."

What about the case of the European family who wanted to cancel a family vacation and send their son instead to a developing country to build road after learning that "colleges would be impressed by that."

Other wealthy parents had bought orphanage, AIDS clinic so that their their children could have a project to write and discuss in class

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