How much money has been collected for National Fund for Education?

So far, it seems that we can not have an exact number. And why is that?


Remember that this is Haiti and we work under different standards. We are kind of unique in the way we see things

Listen to this, President Michel Martelly told the Haitian Diaspora community in Miami during a visit in Florida in December 2012 that the National Fund for Education, established in May 2011, had accumulated $16 million in US and not a penny of this money had been touched by the Haitian government.

The problem I have with this statement from our president is that there was an account given already and by someone that should know exactly how much money they have collected for the National Fund for Education.

In January, 2012 (This is almost one year earlier), Digicel CEO Denis O'Brien said the National Fund for Education had collected $20 million [US],

This is not all. In October 2011, the Minister of Education said the fund had $28 million [US].

From what I see, from the money goes up and down depending on who is giving the number.

In defense to the President, he said that "Not a penny of it had been touched". He did not say however that the money could not have been moved without being touched.

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Kevens says...

u doing a good

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Simon says...

ayiti pap

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Jm Laporte says...

le bonjour d'un S A L A U D;;COMME PRESIDENT.


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Wiguens says...

well, just a question: i want to know between Digicel, the minister of education and President Michel joseph Martelly.

who'is the lieyer?

and when we find out who. the nation will

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Subject: How much money has been collected for National Fund for Education? edit

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