Ile a Vache a Lovers' Paradise

Lying off the south-western end of Haiti, Ile a Vache is the tiniest island of the mainland. Administered under the Sud Department, it takes up 20 square miles of land acreage, a very green island with plenty of swamp areas, containing 10,000-15,000 occupants. Île à Vache is said to be the most scenic place in the entire Caribbean region. Two resorts on the island attract the tourist trade: Abaka Bay and Port Morgan.


The history of the island began with the Spanish conquest, whose settlers named it Isla Vaca. Two hundred years later, France won possession of Hispaniola's western half, Haiti, and Isla Vaca became Ile a Vache.

Considered one of the most romantic get-aways in the Caribbean, Ile a Vache Abaka Bay represents a Garden of Eden for sensualists, who marvel at its sugar-white beaches and verdant mountains, and valleys brimming with tropical vegetation. Livestock roam freely, grazing on vast grasslands.

The natives of Ile a Vache are welcoming, willing to share the folklore of their region with curious visitors. According to the townspeople, at one time a madly-in-love couple, visiting the island, became enchanted with it, re-settling there. They built schools, started healthcare clinics, and provided a school-lunch program for the island's children. But over time, the couple fought bitterly and moved to opposite ends of the island, where they continued their humanitarian works separately. The townspeople since that time have referred to these parts of the island by their benefactors' names: Cox-town and Bernard-place.

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