Immigration is a major issue among Haitian. It is estimated that over 4 million Haitians are currently living outside of Haiti

Citadel Food Hall with over 20 vendors to open in Little Haiti

While many people do not think much of the Haitian neighborhood Little Haiti in Miami, others are looking at it as a location filled with dreams and opportunities for today and many years to come. Did you know that Conway Commercial Real Estate and Urban Atlantic Group are planning to open a 10,000-square Food Hall in Little Haiti. It will be located at Little Haiti's northern boundary on NE Second Avenue.

The Citadel food Hall is expected to open sometimes next year and will host over 20 vendors offering a wide variety of food such as pizza, steak, sushi, Spanish tapas, tacos, bakery, coffee, a wine bar and much more. The Citadel food Hall in Little Haiti is part of a handful of food halls that will be located within a short distance from Biscayne Boulevard in Miami where a high-speed rail line between Miami and Orlando expects to generate more business activities for the area

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Little Haiti designated an official city neighborhood of Miami

Thursday, May 26, 2016 is a historic day for the Haitian Diaspora. It marks an official recognition of Little Haiti in Miami as a neighborhood. That is after more than 16 years of fighting by community activists to recognize Little Haiti, to put it on the map, and to keep our legacy and history.

In a jam-packed Miami City Hall where several hundred came for support, the commissioners voted unanimously for the creation of legal boundaries for the community in northeast Miami. Members of the Haitian community were had argued that developers were buying property and removing Haitians from the area through gentrification.

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Haitian and Dominican migrants attempting to enter Europe, posing as Somalis

It seems like Haitians and Dominicans would try anything to find a better life for themselves. The latest trend is trying to enter Europe. With the current crisis where thousands of immigrants from Syria, Somalia and other countries are attempting to enter Europe, some Haitians and Dominicans have been willing to fly 6,000 miles to Turkey and posing as Somalis with hope to emigrate in Europe also.

We were informed that they fly to Istabul as a visa is not required to enter Turkey. These Haitians and Dominicans then cross Aegean sea to Greek Island with the help of local smugglers. This particular crossing has resulted in many deaths. Upon their arrival, they claim to be from Somalia, Syria.

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Visa and scholarship to study in the United States scam

A note of caution to those seeking visa to emigrate in the United States. There is a major scam on the internet where a group of racketeers is claiming that it can provides people living in Haiti with U.S. VISA and Scholarships. On February 22, 2016, the US Embassy in Haiti put out a press release to inform the Haitian population about this Fraud attempt. The group has been using Sophia Martelly's name claiming that they can provide visas and scholarships to study in the United States. Specifically, the group is using the email address: / with contact person named Samuel at +509-3990-6218. These are fake contact information and their claim to provide visas and scholarships to study in the United States is not true.

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Haitian-Canadian Dominique Anglade, Quebec's new minister of economy

With pride we announce that one of our own, Haitian-Canadian Dominique Anglade, is Quebec's new minister of the economy, science and innovation and digital strategy. She has an engineering degree from École Polytechnique and a Masters in business administration from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC). Dominique Anglade held various positions in the past such as president of Montreal International, she also headed the Montreal office of business consultancy McKinsey & Co.

Good luck to you Dominique

Haitian Kreyol:

Ayisyen-Kanadyen Dominique Anglade Anglade, nouvo minis Quebec nan ekonomi

Ak fyète nou anonse ke youn nan pwòp nou, ayisyen-Kanadyen Dominique Anglade, se nouvo minis Quebec pou ekonomi, syans ak inovasyon ak dijital estrateji. Li te gen yon degre jeni soti nan École Polytechnique ak yon metriz nan administrasyon biznis ki soti École des Hautes Études komèrsyal (HEC). Dominique Anglade te nan divès pozisyon nan tan lontan kòm prezidan nan Monreyal Entènasyonal, li tou te dirije biwo Monreyal nan konsiltasyon biznis McKinsey & Co

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Haitian, the Third Most Populous Foreign-Born In Boston

A December 2015 report prepared by the Boston Redevelopment Authority Research Division reveals that Boston is the 7th largest home for foreign-born residents among the 25 largest U.S. cities. Between 2000 and 2014, its foreign-born population grew from 151,836 to 177,461, an increase from earlier 19.2% to present 27.1%. The top six countries of origin for the foreign born population living in Boston in 2014 were as follows: Dominican Republic 13.0%, China 10.6%, Haiti 7.6%, El Salvador 6.3%, Vietnam 6.2% and Jamaica 4.4%. Haitian migration to the U.S was very small (around 5,000) in 1960. Recent data from the U.S Census Bureau on American Community Surveys show that the Haitian immigrant population numbers between the years 1980 and 2012 in the U.S were as follows: 92,000 (1980), 225,000 (1990), 419,000 (2000), 510,000 (2006), 587,000 (2010) and 606,000 (2012). Five metro areas, such as greater Miami, New York, Boston, Orlando, and Atlanta account for nearly three-quarters of the total immigrant population from Haiti residing in the United States. Haitians are the third most populous foreign-born demographic residents of Boston. On the language front, with its 4.2% share, French Creole is the third most common non-English language spoken at home and it is followed by Spanish 16.3% and Chinese 4.6%.

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Yo ape anmede, entimide, pwovoke Ayisyen pou yo kite Ti Ayiti

Paske yo te ape fè fas ak pi wo lwaye, moun nan Ti Ayiti nan Miami ap di ase se ase. Nan Jedi, 3 Desanm, 2015, yon gwoup rezidan, pwopriyetè biznis ak aktivis kominotè te mete ansanm nan yon katye nan Ti Ayiti pou te pwotèste kont chanjman sa yo kote prix kay yo ape monte e yo oblije so nan yon kominote ke yo renmen anpil. Gen kèk nan devlopè ki enterese nan zòn nan yo te akize ki sèvi avèk arasman, entimidasyon pou fòse rezidan yo ak biznis lokal yo soti. Gen kèk moun kpote siy ak deklarasyon sa yo: "Nou vle rete", "non pou jantrifikasyon", "Little Ayiti se pa pou vann" ak plis ankò. Anpil moun nan zòn nan santi ke si yo pa aji, byento Little Ayiti pral disparèt.

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Dominique Anglade, member of Quebec Liberal Party

Dominique Anglade (born January 31, 1974) is a Canadian politician, a member of the Quebec Liberal Party. Since winning the National Assembly election of Quebec on November 9, 2015, she is representing the electoral district of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne.

She is an engineer, businesswoman and the former president of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ). Her father was a professor, geographer, writer, and the founder of the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her mother Mireille Neptune was a committed feminist. Her parents tragically died in the 2010 earthquake. Anglade has received many great accolades likes of "Young Global Leader 2014 (by World Economic Forum), Toussaint 2013 Award by the Young Haitian Chamber of Commerce of Montreal, the Quebec Order of Engineers (2011). In 2010, she chaired the Canadian Conference 150 on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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Gentrification is threatening Little Haiti

Miami's downtown boom and rising price for the space are pressing and threatening Little Haiti's longtime residents and business owners to move to some affordable places. Another big concern for the local Haitians is related to self owned properties.

About 85% of the Haitian owner rent their properties and sign their agreements without understanding what they are signing, and most of them sign without the presence of their lawyers. On December 3rd, they gathered in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood to deliver messages about the rapidly changing neighborhood and its preservation:

"Little Haiti is not for sale, Say no to gentrification, We want to stay." However, as per the statement of the Northeast Second Avenue Partnership (NE2P) authority, it is attempting to revitalize the area while preserving (?) authentic Haitian culture, art and history -- and the people who produce them.

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Little Haiti, Speckled With Art since At Least 1994, Before Wynwood

The Wynwood Art District, in the neighborhood of Miami was founded in the early 2003 by a group of art dealers, artists and curators. Once it was a home of over 70 galleries and museums and was a haven for local artists in the early 2000s.

Gradually, Wynwood district became the epicenter of new Miami. The sudden surge in the real estate price, gentrification and higher rent forced many artists and gallery owners to migrate to some other nearby affordable locations while the art loving community kept moving towards Little Haiti. Unlike the art people of Wynwood, the artists and gallery owners of Little Haiti had preferred buying spaces instead of hiring.

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