Haitian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is not just for Americans because Haitians have their own ways of celebrating it too. While Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States, there are people from the Caribbean and Haiti in particular who have adopted this American tradition.


Haitian Thanksgiving

Just like Americans, Haitian families all over the world take the opportunity of the Thanksgiving Holiday to be with each other. Many of them have big turkey dinners and watch sports among other things.

The only difference is that they add a Caribbean touch and flavor to their celebration in the form of food. Many people from the U.S. with Caribbean roots, do celebrate with their own special menus for the occasion. They are the foods commonly served at Thanksgiving, but with an island flare.

Some resources for a great Haitian Thanksgiving:

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What do we Haitians have to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving day:

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Real Haitian says...

This is sheer nonsense.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in

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Arlene says...

I'm from Trinidad, but I love Haitian food very much, I will be eating some food from my Haitian friend...I pray God blesses me with a true Godly Christian Haitian

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