Best Haitian food for Thanksgiving

Best Haitian food for Thanksgiving: Diri ak djon djon, Haitian Griot and Pikliz


Although Thanksgiving is not exactly a Haitian holiday, many people from the U.S. with Caribbean roots, do celebrate with their own special menus for the occasion. I created the following menu to highlight the foods commonly served at Thanksgiving, but with an island flare. I hope you enjoy the recipes enough to start a new tradition of your own. - Diri ak djon djon - Haitian Griot - Haitian Pikliz Recipe

Haitian Food Tips For Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day is not just for Americans because Haitians have their own ways of celebrating it too. While Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States, there are people from Caribbean and Haitian families that celebrate as well. However, they add a Caribbean touch and flavor to their celebration in the form of food. There are various Haitian food that are popular for Thanksgiving. Among these are Diri ak djon jdon, Haitian Griot and Pikliz.

Popular in the northern region of Haiti, diri ak djon djon is considered a native dish. It is made in rice and djon djon, or also known as black mushrooms. The meal has a grayish color because the mushrooms are boiled. The best thing about diri ak djon djon is its unique and recognizable taste and flavor that can't be found in other dishes. In order to serve it perfectly, you might want to mix fish, shrimp or chicken in the rice.

Griot is another famous Haitian dish that is often served during Thanksgiving. This meal is popular for its tastiness that you can enjoy for long. However, you must be careful in mixing the ingredients so as to achieve the perfect flavor. The key to it is the use of sour orange juice, as well as the right amount of salt.

Certain Haitian cuisine will not be complete without pikliz. This is a condiment that adds spice and taste to dishes. Many people love to put it to black rice as it certainly makes the food more delicious. It uses ingredients such as bonnet peppers, cabbage, carrot, onion, cloves, salt, chicken bouillon cube, peppercorns and vinegar.

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