International Police (Interpol) is now looking for Roro nelson for his arrest

The best friend of former Haitian president Michel Martelly, Roro Nelson, now has real problem. International Police (Interpol) is now actively looking for him. The Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince made the request and it has been approved. Roro Nelson is officially a fugitive of the law and can be captured from anywhere in the world and brought back to face Haitian justice system. Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger made the announce on Tuesday at a radio station in the Haitian capital. Multiple complaints have been filed against Roro Nelson for abuse of power under the government of Michel Martelly.


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Marc says...

WHAT ABOUT Jean Bertrand Aristide
what the going to do with him
maybe kiss is

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Make him return all the money he stole.

His friend

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Subject: International Police (Interpol) is now looking for Roro nelson for his arrest edit

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