Haiti is a country that relies heavily on help from other countries. We need to maintain a good relationship with the international world. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two countries that shares the island. Conflicts usually arise almost daily between Haitians and Dominicans. many people believe that the conflict between the two nations has its root from the occupation of the Dominican Republic by Haiti

New York Attorney General investigating "No Haitians need apply" Ad

When Interim Healthcare Inc. decided to put their racist ad "No Haitians" in the local New York pennysaver newspaper, they did not think it would turn out this way. Not only they will have this in their record for ever, now the government is involved. New york Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced that they are launching an inquiry into Interim Healthcare Inc. for discriminatory practices.

According to Attorney General Schneiderman, the ad violates federal and state civil rights law prohibiting discrimination in hiring on the basis of national origin. They are requesting the names of all employees involved in hiring nurses and nurses' aides, and also those responsible for making the ad. Mr. Schneiderman is also requesting for any complaints related to discrimination, harassment or retaliation against Interim Healthcare.

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Martelly Received Credentials of Peter Mulrean, New US Ambassador

On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, at the National Palace, the Haitian President Michel Martelly received the credentials of Peter F. Mulrean, the new Ambassador of the United States of America in Haiti. A native of Boston, Mr. Mulrean joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1988. He had spent much of the first part of his career in the Balkans.

Mulrean is a member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Counselor and has served as the Deputy Chief of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland since 2012 till he took the new responsibility from his predecessor Pamela A. White in Haiti.

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Michel Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina following protest

The meeting that took place between Michel Martelly and Danilo Medina yesterday came after protests by Dominican merchants in Dajabon to close the market serving Haitian merchants following the ban or road transportation of 23 Dominican products. The retailers organizations had called for a boycott on trade between Haiti and Dominican Republic until the Haitian government reverses its decision.

Being in a position of weakness and not able to answer effectively to the demand of the population who has been protesting, setting fire on public buildings, etc.., the Martelly-Paul government has decided to forget about what ever is left in term of character, dignity or prestige as President Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina to ask for forgiveness and to promise that the Haitian government is willing to eat its decision in regard to the 23 Dominican products.

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Rehabilitation work in Avezac, Camp Perrin

The completion of the Avezac channel project has been a joint funding effort by the European Union (EU) and the French Development Agency (AFD) to increase the capacity of irrigation canals in Avezac to provide more accessible water to the farmlands located in the area. Fertile cropland will be extended to 2,000 hectares.

The irrigation project is subsumed under the Support to Agriculture Production and Food Security of South agency, which itself is part of the Food Safety Enhancement Program in Haiti, and also an inherent element of MDG. The total cost of the project is 12 million Euros.

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Martelly and Medina meet on road transport ban

At the request of President Michel Martelly, a high-level meeting between President Michel Martelly and Dominican President Danilo Medina took place today, October 13, 2015 to talk about road transport ban initiated by the Haitian government on 23 products from of the Dominican Republic. The meeting was held at the airport Maria Montez

Does this mean the Haitian government is unable to keep up with his decision?

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More Police, Less Troops, MINUSTAH to leave Haiti by 2016

In fact, if everything goes according to plan, The United Nations will be out of Haiti by October, 2016 or exactly one year from now. Sandra Honore who is currently in charge of the peacekeeping mission in Haiti was able to receive one year extinction from U.N. Security Council to keep the troop in order to assist wit the upcoming elections.

The one year this time is focused more on Police offices to train Haiti national Police force. This one yea renewal will involve 2,370 troops and 2,601 police officers. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expects a total withdrawal by October of 2016.

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Canada Five-Year Strategy for Haiti Development

Canada is continuing its engagement with Haiti, renewing its strategic five year plan from 2015- 2020. Canada's main focus will be on sustainable economic growth in support of a flexible economy for Haiti. The mechanisms for growth will involve raising private sector participation and pushing for innovative financing. Canada anticipates it will achieve considerable success in raising the standard of living for Haitians over the next several years.

Canada's five-year strategy program will cover five priority areas of infrastructure development in Haiti:

Economy and Investment

• Make credit and alternative financing programs more available

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New Appointee Vincent Degert European Union Ambassador in Haiti

This last week at President Michel Martelly's office, the National Palace, he was in receipt of official papers testifying to the qualifications of Vicent Degert, European Union (EU) in Haiti's newly appointed ambassador, to perform the job of liaison between the EU and Haiti. Degert is replacing the outgoing ambassador, Javier Nino Perez.

Degert repeated the UE's pledge to continue assisting the government of Haiti (GOH) through checking up on reconstruction projects in progress across the island. He shared with Martelly as well his enthusiasm to facilitate and fortify the ties of cooperation that bind the EU and Haitian governments.

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U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry Will Travel to Haiti

As per news report dated October, 2, 2015, the U.S. State Department, via U.S Embassy in Haiti, has said on Thursday (October, 1) that in response to the invitation of Haitian President Michel Martelly, the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry would be traveling to Haiti on October 6, 2015 to meet Haitian President Michel Martelly and other senior Haitian officials.

Their discussions will focus on Haiti's preparations for its upcoming elections. The Secretary's trip will be followed by his trip to Valparaíso, Chile, on October 5 to attend the second 'Our Ocean Conference' hosted by the government of Chile.

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Mission of Club of Madrid & the European Union in Haiti

As per news report dated September 21, 2015, the European Union and the Club de Madrid, world's largest forum of former democratic Presidents and Prime Ministers, have decided to launch a project aiming at supporting two urgent crucial challenges that Haiti is currently facing in the field of governance.

Presently, the country's progress has been distracted by two main issues, they are: holding of elections to renew the Senate and local authorities, and resolving the tensed relations with its neighbor Dominican Republic, arising out of mass deportation of undocumented Haitians. This sixth mission of the Club de Madrid (Club of Madrid) and European Union in Haiti would promote dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti under the leadership of Wim Kok, the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

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