US Ambassador Pamela Ann White call to stop political infighting in Haiti

Pamela Ann White, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, expressed her desire to see political factions working together towards advancing Haiti in social, political, and economic development. She was speaking during an event for the U.S. held each year to commemorate the American Independence Day. She urged the government to continue fighting down corruption. Also, she said people should be proud of their country and try to build it through cooperation. The ambassador said there is no need for shedding blood, since this doesn't contribute to national development.


US Ambassador Pamela Ann White explained that Haiti needs peace and stability. She also put to the audience the question of why they should fire gunshots and throw stones. The ambassador said it was time for Haiti to build structure in the government and protect people. The U.S. Ambassador to Haiti is always a straightforward person and quite down to earth. She is sometimes criticized for this, but she is highly respected not only in the U.S., but also in Haiti. She has developed friendships with business people in Haiti as well as ordinary people.

Ambassador White thanked the Haitian Government for its effort to fight corruption, poverty, and violence. However, she said much still needs to be done beyond what has already been achieved. She acknowledged the government for its fight against corruption since the country has been pulled down due to a high rate of corruption among the top government officials. She was addressing hundreds of people gathered in the residence of the U.S. ambassador, in the Haitian capital.

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