Jimmy Carter returns to Haiti to build houses

Haiti has welcomed former United States President Jimmy Carter as he returned to the country to help build houses for people who lost their homes during the 2010 earthquake. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were implementing a rehabilitation program with Habitat for Humanity. Some 600 volunteers were also helping to build 100 houses in the town of Leogan, which was the epicenter of the quake that killed thousands of people and destroyed homes, buildings and infrastructure.


During his visit, the 88-year-old former president also called on donors to fulfill their billion-dollar pledges to Haiti. It can be recalled that countries and institutions vowed to donate some $4.46 billion to Haiti. However, the United Nations said that only about half of the money has been released so far. The delays were attributed to problems that some donor countries are facing. Donors are also reportedly waiting for the new Haiti government to adjust and settle as President Michel Martelly assumed presidency only last year. Carter said that everyone should support the government in helping revive the country.

The recent visit was Carter's 11th trip to Haiti and his second one in the last year. He and his wife participated in constructing the houses, which are located in an area of 14 acres. With the program, around 250 houses will be built to form a new community. Agriculture production will also be improved in order to give Haitians a new source of food and income. Families can live in the newly built houses for free but they would have to pay a small rent fee after five years.

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