Leslie Manigat

The period between the end of the Duvalier regime and the reformation of the Haitian government as a democracy was met with several political turmoil in the form of military power and coup d'état. Three presidents were removed from their post after serving for only a few months or years during this time of chaos. Professor Leslie Manigat was the president after Duvalier who was eventually ousted after only four months in office, having one of the shortest terms in Haitian history.


With efforts to bring Haiti back to its feet, a presidential election organized by the military was held in 1988. Leslie Manigat win against ten other presidential candidates was met with mixed reactions and criticisms. Despite this, the professor was inaugurated as president a month after. His term in office was then cut short by Haitian General Henri Namphy with a successful coup d'état, after the former removed the general as army commander. He again ran in the 2006 presidential elections but lost to René Préval, having a mere 12.4% of the votes.

Despite his unsuccessful and short-lived career as a politician, Leslie Manigat is a notable Haitian educator. He has taught international relations and world history in several prestigious universities such as l'Université de Paris -VIII Vincennes, Yale University, and John Hopkins University. The professor has also been able to publish notable articles and essays on education and has participated in several lectures both inside and outside Haiti. In addition, Manigat won the Haiti Grand Prize of Literature back in 2004.

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