Journalist Daly Valet In Charge Of National Dialogue under Jocelerme Privert

Daly Valet is the star reporter of Radio Vision 2000 and the former director of the newspaper Le Matin Boulos. He is also the Director General at Radio Trans Inter- 98.1 FM, C-Medias, Centre de Recherche Nouvelle Haiti. On March 31, 2015, after announcing his support for the Platform Pitit Dessalines, he became the Campaign Manager for Moise Jean Charles in the last presidential run under the Platform Pitit Desalin banner. On February 29, 2016, Provisional President has appointed him as his political adviser. Daly Valet would be in charge of the file of "National Dialogue". Other political advisors appointed by Privert are: Jean-Max Bellerive (former Prime Minister under Préval) as his Chief of Staff; Jean-Marie Chérestal (former Prime Minister under Jean-Bertrand Aristide) as a private advisor; Raymond Jeanty (one of the right arms of former President Préval), as director of the National Palace; Joanas Gué, Harry Adam, former director of the UCLBP (under Martelly administration), Senator Kelly C. Bastien (Senate candidate - Vérité), former deputy Jean David Génesté are also part of the President Privert advisers.


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Subject: Journalist Daly Valet In Charge Of National Dialogue under Jocelerme Privert edit

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