Kesner Pharel AKA "Roro", a reference for economic studies

Renaissance businessman, Growth Group CEO Kesner Pharel is keen to endorse Haiti's positive strides to becoming a world tourism destination once more, following the earthquake on January 12, 2010. As part of a panel recently discussing the relisting of the nation on the destinations map of the world at a press conference, Pharel shared the spotlight with Haitian Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, and Pierre Chauvet, Tourist Association of Haiti (ATH) representative.


The panel discussed the country's inclusion on the WEF (World Economic Forum) list and put it into perspective as an indication of Haiti's resumption of forward momentum. They also enumerated the steps taken to achieve such progress and discussed those necessary for continued growth going forward. So far, the airport construction at Les Cayes and Cap-Haitien has played major roles in facilitating the growth, as well as other changes in standards and quality regulations in the sector. Travel packages with international airlines are underway and the building of hotel schools will make a solid investment in the hotel industry within the country.

Kesner Pharel's considerable resume includes a Masters Degree from Lyon University in Sports Administration and a Masters from Harvard in Public Administration. He has founded Aftermath and works as a radio commentator, and journalist. Pharel, also a WEF member, notes that of 230 countries the world over, only 140 have similar standings with Haiti. The WEF also lists the country as one of the only 27 Caribbean countries which meet their criteria, a decided step towards fulfilling the government's wish to make Haiti an emerging nation by 2030.

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