Laurent Lamothe touring Silicon Valley, in search of innovation

The Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe had the opportunity to be with the people at the cutting edge of technology as well as the most powerful and successful in term of business.


He met some of the most successful corporate executives of Silicon Valley, including elite tech firms like Google, Facebook and apple to ask for support some of their innovation with Haiti.

Here are some of the most innovative tech Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe visited:

- Internet-connected eyeglasses (By Google)
- Company's driverless car (By Google)

According to Laurent Lamothe, "Technology can help us bridge the development barrier we have today."

Lamothe would like to see a Haiti in the future more wired. Haiti has no ZIP codes and wants to replace its mail address system.

Haiti has been making some effort lately to improve its technology. The country is currently launching a $3.9 million program deploying 65 miles of optical fiber in the southern region.

I just wish I was there with the Prime Minister

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Moise jn charles aristide ak tout lot palmante ki menm non yo yo pa ekri ki menm ka pale nan figi moun pavle ki te ayiti

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