Laurent Lamother to Haiti Observateur: you admit you lied and we call it even

Will Leo Joseph and Haiti Observateur do it?


Leo Joseph who is the owner of the popular newspaper Haiti Observateur agreed to the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against them by Laurent Lamothe at a price.

In exchange for the dismissal and under the penalty of perjury, the newspaper agreed to publish a sworn declaration by Michael Charles. The declaration should clearly state that the allegations against Mr. Lamothe and Mr. Baker were completely fabricated

US District Court Judge John O'Sullivan entered an order approving a settlement between the parties on Monday, October 28, 2013.

Just for your recollection, the main allegation is that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe had pressured Nord Citadel to put down a substantial down payment to purchase Haitel and that they had "agreed to a purchase price of 25 million when the assets of Haitel were worth around $80 million."

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Subject: Laurent Lamother to Haiti Observateur: you admit you lied and we call it even edit

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