Don't you just get sick and tired about the usual pictures on Haiti on TV

I am getting sick and tired about the usual pictures that I see on TV, Newspaper, Youtube, and other medias whenever the Haiti subject comes up.


This is what I see for the most part: " We are doing a fundraising to buy shoes for Haitian children". "Donate so we can help the people of Haiti". "Fundraising to bring drinking water to Haiti". "Haiti the poorest nation in the western hemisphere".

Has this become a business?

Please don't take me wrong. There are real issues in Haiti. According to the latest study, some two-thirds of all Haitians are hungry. About 1.5 million Haitians face "severe" or "acute food insecurity.

Do you help them by sending used clothes and shoes to them?

Do you really help them if you feed everyone on the day they are hungry and that is it?

Have you ever wondered if one day Haiti is no longer in this situation of misery what will some of these people do?

I truely believe that Haiti has become a laboratory for some. It is a place to bring your spoiled children when you want to teach them a lesson or want to show them how well they have it.

...... just a thought !

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Nestor Porfirio Mateo says...

Those who really want to help the Haitian people, should have to fight for the following:
- That the natural resources of Haiti, the labor force capacity of the Haitian people, their skills and creativity, the potential of its strategic geographic location, be commercially exploited taking in consideration the socio-economic development and the benefit of its people.

- Haiti will still receive a lot of very diverse solidarity aid, even in appearance, but regardless of that this aid reaches the people as a whole or not, what is what we really hope in justice, that those resources consist of more than just to be that ...

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Subject: Don't you just get sick and tired about the usual pictures on Haiti on TV edit

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