Liberty For Le Grand SUD

...Witnessing The shadow of Hunger, Desperation of Crowds Queueing for Foods(Kits),and the spread of recent Unrests facing the local authorities make me Understand profoundly how worse the economic situation of the Grand SUD could ever BE.


Before The arrival of Mathew, we were heavily imported foods and other primary products into our local economy to sustain the peoples' needs. We were even on the verge of importing "Fritay".

Now, after the tragedy of this devastating natural disaster, Le Grand SUD who represented 1/3 of our food production sources, find itself at its lowest production rate that one could ever imagined. This Dire situation has worsened the current economical state of the country, Even Retrograded it into a Greater Growth Rate, and even a Higher Inflation.

Our so called" Financial Elite" has sabotaged the Grand SUD economy by buying and closing our factories such as Facolef, IDAI, Reynolds, and Usine Sucrière Des Cayes, and So forth to Maximize a bigger margin of Profits, and ZOMBIFY the people of the These Departments as a Whole. Personal Greed has plummeted the country and left these departments as a broken glass that could fall anytime by any virtual objects.

Today, I urge you "Le Grand SUD" to stand strong, Unify, to rebuild, and to fight VEHEMENTLY to contest the Status Quo, and the Next Government to DELIVER what We OUGHT to such as Ports, Infrastructures, Airports, etc for the advancement of these Departments and the Well-Being of these communities.

For so long, we have been PUT on the sidelines whereas the rest of the Country has marginally progressed to a certain extent.

Vive Le Grand SUD Project!!

KtaLove Bertrand, citizen of Humanity!!!

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