List of CEP Members not allowed to leave the country

The "Haitian Joudalist" finally has the list.


What list are you talking about?

"Quesque ca cette affaire?"

We are talking about the list of the CEP member not allowed to travel until an investigation is completed.

The President of the Haitian Senat, Mr. Rodolphe Joazile, filed a complaint with the Procecutor office in Port-au-Prince, requesting that the following Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) Members be prohibited from leaving the country.

According to Haitilibre.Com, the list of CEP not allowed to leave the country include:

Gaillot Dorsinvil, President of CEP

Jean Thélève Pierre Toussaint, Vice-President of the council

Pierre Louis Opont, Director General

Laurette Croyance, member of the council

Jacques Belzin, member of the council

Ginette Chérubin, member of the council

Ribel Pierre, member of the council

Leonel Raphael, member of the council

Anthénor Guerrier, member of the council


Do you think it is just to prevent members of the CEP from traveling outside of Haiti?

What your take on this?

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Jean says...

and the fight goes on

The CEP was not good for the country to begin with. Agroup of oportunists taking advantage of a

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B. Alex says...



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Cesar Jean-jacques says...

Well deserved these are the idiot who did not qualify Sweet Micky who went protesting after the first tour and allowed Sweet Micky to be elected the Shameless Haiti President of Haiti.

They need to go to Jail because they did not do a background check on any of the candidates to see if they carried any other passport besides the Haitian passport.

As you know Sweet Micky has been carried the U.S. passport for a long time but yet qualify to be on the selection that Preval and his administration put in place.

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Henri Lafrance says...

my sugection is the lawmaker in haiti should keek every leader not Allowe them to leaving this country for investigate is fair, from the pass the is to many peoples loss there life for know seanse cause with of those leader bad

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Radjaj says...

It only makes sense to investigate Rene Preval as well and his government for these irregularities in the election.

It would not be fair to prohibit members of the CEP from leaving the country and let Rene Preval free. He was the mind behind all

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Manno says...

The members of the Provisional Electoral Council deserve what they get because they were involved in corruption orchestrated by

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Mehue L. says...

As far as I am concerned, they all should go to jail.

Not only the members of the Provisional Electoral Council were not qualified for the job, the also have no

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Ronald says...

Problem on top of probllem for those guys. I just think when things were not going right, the members of the CEP shoul have guven their resignation.

They were humiliated during ther process by changing decisions they have taken and now this is the

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