List of People banned by judge Lamarre Belizaire from leaving Haiti

The list of names Judge Lamarre Belizaire boldly wrote, which banned from leaving the country 35 influential supporters of a former president, plus the man himself, may have landed the judge in danger. It was early August when the list was made public, with the names of all those expected to remain in Haiti while awaiting questioning in the investigation into several acts of drug money laundering, misappropriation of public funds, and other grievous acts of corruption.


The man at the head of the list is former President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. During his time in office, from his inauguration for a second presidential term of five years in 2001, he is said to have, with his dozens of accomplices, abused the power issued to him in the post. It is an investigation that started in 2005, following the ousting of Aristide from the presidency the year before. Also named on the list with Aristide are Yvon Neptune, Oriel Jean, Marie Carnel Latouche, and Paul Presler, among others. Jean, a former Presidential Palace security chief was already question, also was the former director of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy, Thoussaint Hilaire.

The aim of the judge was to ensure that none of these persons of interest fled the country before being interrogated as part of the investigation. His step, however, led to a riot of bullets outside his residence, just days after the issuance of the names. While some say the incident was coincidental, Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon spared no time after hearing the report to send a police patrol to disperse the gunmen and offer the judge protection. The horde, however, had time to get away before the authorities arrived.

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