Martelly's Spur-of-the-Moment Meetings with Opposition Leaders not Fruitful

President Martelly has delayed holding elections for almost two years. Prime Minister Lamothe wants elections held soon and is working his connections to put pressure on Martelly.


Recently Martelly made a surprise move, reaching out to two opposition party leaders, Serge Gilles, of Platform Fusion, and Evans Paul, leader of Inite Demokratik.

Evans Paul said he and Martelly talked for almost two hours about a range of issues: the political climate of Haiti, the Electoral Council conflict, the decision whether or not to dis-band Parliament in January 2014, and the state of poor living conditions the population at large must suffer under.

Evans Paul, in his remarks to the media, remained vague on the specifics of his conversation with Martelly. He said only that they had not arrived at any agreement on the topics they covered. But he added they agreed to hold further talks on the same issues.

Fusion leader, Gilles, was also circumspect about the specifics of his meeting with Martelly. They also spoke about the Electoral Council and its inability to seat permanent members so that elections can be held.

Martelly is courting Gilles because he has more than 50 years in politics. He survived both Duvalier dictatorships, serving as senator in Parliament 1990-1994. He ran for the presidency in 2005, but lost.
Evans Paul, former mayor of Port-au-Prince, held office during Jean-Bertrand Aristide's aborted first term as president. He also ran for the presidency in 2006 and also lost.

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Subject: Martelly's Spur-of-the-Moment Meetings with Opposition Leaders not Fruitful edit

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