The city of Grand Goave facing its challenges head on

The city of Grand Goâve has existed since at least the 16th century. First colonized by the Spanish and then the French, Goâve was split into two cities, Grand-Goâve and Petit-Goâve.


When the earthquake of 2010 slammed into Haiti, Grand-Goâve suffered demolishment of its infrastructure. Every city building collapsed, schools crumbled, and City Hall and the police station were turned to rubble. The shaking produced a landslide that became a dam. When the rains came, the dam waters overflowed its banks and flooded Grand- Goâve. The U.S. and Catholic Relief Services provided disaster aid and participated in reconstruction efforts.

Today Grand-Goâve's current problem is gang warfare and citizen acts of violence and destruction. Government Commissioner Jean Civil attended a town hall meeting, along with other local officials and participating citizens, to address the situation in Grand-Goâve.

Grand-Goâve Deputy, Franck Laporte, spoke to the media after the meeting. He said discussions with the community would continue to find an ultimate solution to the wide-spread violence engulfing the city. He spoke specifically of gang-related conflicts and other acts of property destruction and barricade obstruction on the national highway. He added solutions were presented for consideration and consensus.

He explained to stop the violence and restore peace required the participation of everyone. That every segment of the community must become part of the solution, not the problem. Laporte promised committers of acts of violence would be prosecuted; the justice department is seeking indictments.

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Nesly Charles says...

M sa se troket la chay la deye. Sa se trop! Prezidan tet kale a pa problem lan. problem nan se politisien djol krochi yo kap met nan tet pep la yon espri kraze brize, dechouke prezidan.

Nou gen lontan nap dechouke prezidan men sa pa pote pies chanjman.nou vinn pi mal, mize a vinn pi plis e pep la vinn pi anraje.

Politisien djol krochi yo ap mete nou devan pou nou kraze peyi a men se entere poch yo yap defann, entere madam yo ak pitit yo yap defann.

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