We address the issues related to the media in Haiti. Are they free to perform their job whic is to get the information and bring it to the public.

Radio Vision 2000, Marie Lucie Bonhomme, Valery Numa, Daly Valet

The Port-au-Prince broadcast radio station, Radio Vision 2000, is undergoing a significant change with the departure of one iconic host and the return of another. After over a decade as an anchorman for the radio station, Valéry Numa has decided to leave his home on the 99.3 FM frequency and take up residence on his own 88.9 station, FM Platinum.

Among his other endeavors are the newsman's hotel, Kickback, and other business holdings in the South Haiti locale, Camp Perrin, from where his radio station will be broadcast. The goal is for FM Platinum to reach 18 southern towns by way of relay through other radio programs, a 'first' as announced by Valery. His last broadcast on the program he is known for, 'Guest of the Day', will be broadcast on Friday, September 2nd, after which the prodigal journalist, Marie-Lucie Bonhomme will return to host the popular show.

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Radio Signal FM and Mario Viau

After the earthquake struck on January 12, 2010 the country's telecommunications infrastructure, including television, phones and the radio all suffered severely. The frightened populace, left stranded from news across Haiti by the destruction the disaster wrought on technology, were given hope as one radio station, miraculously, relatively unscathed, stood to tell the tale.

Port-au-Prince's Signal FM started off its twentieth year as the only radio station still able to broadcast. Not only was the infrastructure intact, but the 50 person staff, all but three of whom were on-site, had been unhurt, and suddenly theirs was the only means of communication for people across Haiti and the concerned around the world.

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History of Student Protest around the World and Tactics used

Student protest has had a long history all over the world, dating back to at least 1229, when the University of Paris student strike occurred.

The tactic of student protesting continuously is one favored in certain parts of the world. In Chile, student protests have been taking place since 2010. They have come to be called the Chilean Winter protests due to the enormous participation that occurred in August 2011.

In Quebec, students have been protesting all during 2012 in response to large tuition hikes planned for the next five years. They are demanding tuitions be frozen and the Quebec government seek out other funding means. Students are using a number of tactics to force the government to meet their demands. Among them are whole-scale demonstrations in the streets, occupation of university buildings, and alliances with well-known radical groups. They have also done coalition-building with opposition parties, unions, and peripheral groups to force government's hand.

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Watch The ratificacation of Prime Minister designated Laurent Lamorthe - Live on Video

The ratificacation of Prime Minister designated Laurent Lamorthe is underway live. Watch it on Live Stream - La Presidence live

Will Laurent Lamorthe be ratified tonight as Prime Minister of Haiti or not?

Watch it here and now

Date: May, 3, 2012

Time: 9:00pm

La Presidence live

HERE is The Link to watch it Live:

(The last video on the list)

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Michel Martelly awarded Free Propaganda on Radio Mega by Alex Saint Surin, Carrefour

On April 25, 2012, Mr. Alex Saint Surin who hosts a popular Radio show on Radio Mega in Miami had the honor to welcome our president Michel Martelly who has been recovering in Miami from a blood clot in his lung.

The experienced radio host spent over two hours with President Martelly and wife, allowing them to conduct free propaganda on his show, instead of asking him important questions about the status of the country as well as holding him responsible for being the president of Haiti.

Indeed, the popular Radio host on Radio Mega, Alex Saint Surin, covered a variety of topics with President Martelly. From his current health condition, to the reason he had to travel to Miami, from his relationship with the Haitian parliament to former Prime Minister Garry Conille, from issue related to his citizenship to allegation of corruption with the Dominican Senator Felix Bautista. This is just to name a few.

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Haiti en Marche's Coverage of Recovery Efforts

Haiti en Marche is an online news publication, which also puts out a print issue distributed to major markets on the U.S. eastern seaboard and in Canada, France, and Switzerland. It is a weekly newspaper covering local news, the economy, post-earthquake recovery efforts, government of Haiti activities, and other news of interest to the Haitian community and Diaspora.

Recently its coverage included an article about the city of Jeremie, capital of Grand Anse Department, whose citizens are up-in-arms over stoppage of a road project. Commissioned by the Organization of American States (OAS), who awarded Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) the contract, a Brazilian construction company started work on a road just outside Jeremiah last year.

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Who is Nuria Piera, Journalist implicating Michel Martelly in Corruption?

In her report titled "The Path of Millions," Nuria Piera uncovers how money changed hands between President Michel Martelly and his close friend in the Dominican Republic through irregular awarding of contracts. In total, the president whose term is now under siege following the revelation, has received $2,587,100 from companies associated or owned by his close ally, Senator Batista through wire transfers.

Nuria Peria was born on June 29, 1962 in a family of people with a heart for journalism. She is the mother of Paola MacKiney, who she gave birth to in 2000 following a 1 year relationship with Paul McKinney, a Dominican who she divorced in 2005. After her divorce she dated Felucho Jimenez, a politician in the Dominican Republic.

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Ranmase Saturday ritual on Haiti Radio Caraibes

In Port-au-Prince in Haiti every Saturday, on the radio version of CNN's Crossfire, critics, politicians, wanting to be kingmakers, all arrive for a chance to spar verbal swords, accuse and debate on the future of Haiti.
Political Firefight

They are all ready to have the opponents shredded in the war to shape opinion of the public. There is no stop clock, no audience in the studio, no applause meter. The only thing to hear is the amplified sound of voices in Creole accent that emanate all through the city.

This political firefight is tuned into by all listeners from Haiti, Paris, Montreal and Miami. This is all happening in a nation where there has been a repression of free speech right from historical times.

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Breaking News - Radio Kiskeya reported that Prime Minister Garry Conille has resigned

Radio kiskeya revealed that Prime Minister Garry Conille called it quit. He has handed his resignation to President Michel Martelly this morning around 8:00am. According to Radio Kiskeya who just announced the resignation of Carry Conille as Prime Minister in Haiti, sources closed to the Prime Minister just confirmed that the news

The source for Radio Kiskeya also revealed that on Monday, Prime Minister Garry Conille scheduled a Meeting with the Prime Ministers and none of them showed-up. In the meantime, they all were present the next day in a presidential meeting held by President Michel Martelly.

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Haitian Newspapers Forge Joint Operating Agreement

In response to economic severity affecting newspaper publishing world-wide, Haiti Liberté and Haitian Times have agreed to incorporate to cut advertising and business costs. Both newspapers target different demographic audiences. They expect their Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) will bring them 25,000 subscribers every week.

The two newspapers will publish sharing the same printing presses, Haiti Liberté in French and Haitian Times in English. Although they will publish for the same distribution channels, editorial content will remain separate. Forward-looking Haiti Liberté, founded in 2007, focuses on news reporting and current events in Haiti. Within the past year, the newspaper has raised its international profile, collaborating with The Nation to release an article series regarding Haiti/US foreign policy secrets. This became possible through Wikileaks, which supplied intercepted foreign policy communications.

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