We address the issues related to the media in Haiti. Are they free to perform their job whic is to get the information and bring it to the public.

Erick Cadet, radio personality

The peoples' favorite, Erick Cadet passed on. He was a promoter and a radio personality better known as A 2 Z (A to Z). The year 2011 ended with such sadness on Thursday, December 29th with the news of the passing of radio personality Francois Erick Cadet, who was also known in the community as promoter.
He has been struggling with his health and has battled cancer for the past 6 years but finally succumbed to the fatal disease. After the viewing, the re-pass was held at one on the communities well known Randy's Restaurant where a crowd gathered to share stories of this wonderful man. The evening was one full of life because everyone knew somehow their friend was in a better place and would suffer no more.
Although a lot of hearts in the room were heavy for the void that was left by a friend gone too soon; everyone found a way to share their experience of how they knew the late Francois Erick Cadet. He was a humble man, integrated, disciplined, simple, respectful and kind, who had a vision for the show business Haitian. In less than 10 years, through its radio broadcasts on WSRF (1580AM/Planet Radio) and dances he organized, he knew how to mark the Haitian music industry. May his soul rest in peace and he will always remain in the minds of many.

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Fritzner Beauzile to Bring National Press of Haiti into the 21st Century

In May of 2012, Gardy named Mr. Fritzner Beauzile National Director of the National Press of Haiti, replacing Pierre Robert Auguste, whose short six-month tenure achieved many NPH goals. Under the directorship of Fritzner Beauzile, the National Press of Haiti will experience much technological advancement, to bring it into the new millennium.

Among the changes the Government of Haiti, who has developed initiatives for NPH's modernization, will see are: encrypted technology for secure data transfer of state documents; updated copyright laws to protect electronic intellectual property; updated printing equipment at the NPH; reformed employee labor standards to improve working conditions; and partnerships with Information Technology companies, both domestic and abroad, to train workers in the new technologies.

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Giovanni Dorelien, New Coordinator of the Primature

The Directorate of Communications, under the direction of the Haiti Primature, announced to the media that Prime Minister-Elect Laurent Lamothe has selected Giovanni Dorélien as Coordinator of the Department of Budgetary Affairs in the Primature. The Communication Directorate spoke about the bureaucratic inconsistencies and non-cooperation that has interfered with addressing the needs of the country, within the Primature, specifically the lack of communication between the Directorates of Administrative and Budgetary Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Communication Directorate reported that with the appointment of Giovanni Dorelien as Coordinator in the Primature, it is imperative that he get all Directorates and Ministries working together to do the hard work necessary to rebuild Haiti's infrastructure, secure private investors, and create new jobs through foreign investment. As part of the announcement, the Communication Directorate listed Dorélien's credentials in government service, as a senior liaison officer for several state agencies, in which he successfully reconciled conflicts between warring factions within department agencies.

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New 116 channels television service for Haiti by Thomson Video Networks

The news was announced on Sunday in a press briefing by Thomson Video Networks. It will be working with Broadcast International Group (BIG), a Florida based broadcasting system which is very successful heavyweight in the industry to offer 116 channels television service in Haiti.

A new license-holding company, Digital Satellite System (DSS), will operate the service under the brand name NUtv, and the decision to specify an advanced technical solution from Thomson Video Networks for the head end allows DSS to overcome the challenges of bringing a high-quality service to the whole nation. NUtv will offer 116 channels. Each of these channels will carry dual audio.

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Similien Yves Honored During the Celebration of the Latin American Day of Press

In the past, the government and media houses in Haiti have failed to honor people, like Similien Yves Gerard Emmanuel, for their significant contribution to the society. This has been done only to the dead, but on Thursday, June 7, 2012, there was a change, for the first time in history. This is the day for the first time that the first person was honored for his contribution in media work in the country. This is a technician of the Radio Tele Express Continentale, Mr. Similien Yves Gerard Emmanuel. This radio station has been broadcasting its programs in Haiti for the last twenty one years under Yves Gerard. This radio station is tuned on 88.9 FM in Haiti.

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Valery Numa, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Veteran journalist Valery Numa is known for his contributions to Haitian media and his active participation in several philanthropic projects within the country. Born on 1974 in Camp-Perrin, a Sud department of Haiti in the town Les Cayes, Numa had a growing passion for journalism and acquired his degree in Social Communication from the State University of Haiti. He has then worked for several radio stations and newspapers such as Radio Canada, France's L'Humanité, and Reporters Without Borders, and owns his own production company called Index Production.

Valery Numa has also directed and released two films entitled "La Presse face his destiny" and "Mission". The film "Mission" won an award in 2006 during the 2nd International Film Festival Haitien Montreal. Outside journalism, Valery is an active representative of humanitarian NGO's PSI-Haiti and Vocation Group that campaign for blood donations and assist poverty-stricken Haitians. He was recently involved in a tragic car accident in late 2011 but was able to recover from his injuries shortly after.

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Getting To Know Haitian Journalist Nancy Roc

Nancy Roc is a name prominent in the world of journalism and media in Haiti and Canada. Born in Port-au-Prince, Roc began her journalism career in 1986. Since then, she has climbed the ladder of success despite challenges that led to her exile in Canada's Montreal in 2005. But before that incident, she had already made a great contribution to Haiti's media industry and press freedom.

Nancy Roc worked as a correspondent for Haitian CNN World Report, as well as NBC News in Haiti for several years. She also became a radio and television journalist, conquering international media companies such as CBC, TV5, NBC, and Voice of America. For two years, she served as the head of Radio Metropole's Grand Journal Morning with Noisy Smoye. Not only that, she also stepped up her career by being part of TV Haiti, which is the oldest private television network in the country.

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Tips For Reporters Covering Election Night

Election night is one of the most important events in a country. Every news show is covering the night, as reporters scatter around and get the facts right. For a reporter, covering the election night is both exciting and intimidating because all eyes and ears will be on you. There's no room for mistakes and you have to be updated as much as possible. Otherwise, you will appear incompetent and no one would want to pay attention to your report. Here is a short guide to help you do your job excellently during the much-awaited election night.

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Kesner Pharel AKA "Roro", a reference for economic studies

Renaissance businessman, Growth Group CEO Kesner Pharel is keen to endorse Haiti's positive strides to becoming a world tourism destination once more, following the earthquake on January 12, 2010. As part of a panel recently discussing the relisting of the nation on the destinations map of the world at a press conference, Pharel shared the spotlight with Haitian Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, and Pierre Chauvet, Tourist Association of Haiti (ATH) representative.

The panel discussed the country's inclusion on the WEF (World Economic Forum) list and put it into perspective as an indication of Haiti's resumption of forward momentum. They also enumerated the steps taken to achieve such progress and discussed those necessary for continued growth going forward. So far, the airport construction at Les Cayes and Cap-Haitien has played major roles in facilitating the growth, as well as other changes in standards and quality regulations in the sector. Travel packages with international airlines are underway and the building of hotel schools will make a solid investment in the hotel industry within the country.

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House of Music Haiti First Media Library

The non-profit Haiti Jazz, in collaboration with Caracoli and Haiti Music, came together to launch the new media library in downtown Port-au-Prince recently. The House of Music (kay mizik la in Créole) was built as an archival storage space to house collections of Haiti's music history, its recordings, documented history, and music artifacts.

The European Union (EU) has subsidized the project with a five million gourdes gift. The motivation to create the media library was to develop awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of Haiti's cultural contribution to music arts. The EU's Cultural Secretary, Leandro Medeot, on hand at the launch, commented on the importance of developing and carrying forward the artistic and social influences of Haitian music. The House of Music will provide a forum for music industry artists, musicologists, and technology specialists to gather, share, explore, and define the evolution and impact of Haitian music on the cultural landscape.

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