Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky Vs Liliane Pierre Paul aka "Ti Lili"

Does President Michel Martelly have the right to call Liliane Pierre Paul, "Ti Lili"?


President Michel Martelly feels that he has every right in the world to call the popular Kiskeya Radio host "Ti Lili". The problem is that Liliane Pierre Paul does not see it that way.

She went on the air following the interview to bring some precisions that her name was Liliane Pierre Paul, and for her close friends, it is acceptable to call her "Lili and nothing else.

According to the senior journalist and the director of programming at Radio Kiskeya, Lilianne Pierre Paul, in referring to he as "Ti Lili" by the Haitian president, this is a way to demean her. Marvel Dandin also denounced the evil eye of President Michel Martelly against the Haitian Press

No Ti Lili !

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The visit of President Michel Martelly at Radio Television Caraibes on May 16, 2013, left some open wounds that have been causing frustration between two major Radios in the Haitian Capital. In response to a question from one of the hosts in Matin Caraibes Radio show, President Michel Martelly said that he has no problem if Liliane Pierre Paul says Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky; that he can also say Liliane Pierre Paul aka "Ti Lili".

Manman Te toujou di mwen: Tout "Ti" Se Volè

In the Haitian Proverb, when you a "Ti" before the person's name, you infer that he/she is a thief. For that, I understand why Liliane Pierre Paul would not want to be called "Ti Lili" by anyone, even more by the President of Haiti

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Jean Talus says...

I think that the President is so Ignorant, unintelligent to disrespected a lady and called her a name. I believe that is not in the public society and anywhere all around the world.

The president spent all his lifetimes in America where every human being can learn and find true love then he treated his people just as same as he dance in carnival in Quoi- Des- Bouquet.Haha...

I personally think that we should put up the president 's name on top of the ridiculous

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Lolleh Del Mar says...

Il n'y a pas vraiment de quoi fouetter un chat. Mme Liliane Pierre-Paul tient là une occasion de faire le buzz.
C'est une "petite" occasion, qui ne la grandit pas non plus. Du reste, le préfixe "ti" marque autant la petitesse que l'affection.

Le président essayait sans doute de l'amadouer.

Mais Tabarre regarde et elle ne doit pas se laisser fléchir.

En tout cas: pouki tout bri?

Tout « ti » se volè?

Si Mme Pierre-Paul le dit, abstenons-nous de la

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Ricclavie says...

The article above says: " Tout "Ti" Se Volè".

What is the meaning of Ti Cheri?

I do not think that the president called her Ti Lili in any way to diminish the lady. And we know that Liliane Pierre Paul is a great person in our social

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Subject: Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky Vs Liliane Pierre Paul aka "Ti Lili" edit

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