Michel Martelly getting some points from Rene Preval on how to handle the opposition

Following a disaster on Monday where President Michel Martelly was left stoop up at Hotel Caribe, he has decided to get some advise from a man who has quite an experience with Haitian Politic. Michel Martelly welcomed Rene Preval at the National Palace today, October 14, 2014 and the two spent some time discussing the current political situation in Haiti.


So far, Rene Preval has been the only Haitian president who has completed two full terms. Michel Martelly to the the media after their meeting that the two discussed a variety of issue including elections, agriculture, Education, the environment, reforestation, and other. He also stated that Preval proved that he knew how to negotiate because he was able to reach agreement with different sectors while in office.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

De Met nan politik Ayisyen renkontre, Michel Martelly ofisyelman jodia nan kad pou Martelly cheche yon solisyon nan kriz kape ravaje gouvenman li-a. Li te gin yon randevoy ap ket group nan opozisyon-a min sa pate arive fet.

An tou ka, sanble Mately ape fè yon propagan ak renkontr sa yo. Petet li vle montre kominote Intenasyonal la ke li ape fè tout sa ke li kapab pou li travay ak opozisyon-an et ke se opozisyon ki pa vle pran koulè

Antouka, mwin ta konseye Rene Preval. Le ke li gin pou li rankontre ake Martelly ankor, pa mete chimill "Roz" sa. Li fè li sanble trop ak yon Mamb Tet Kale.

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Neg Miserne says...

That is very good. The president has shown that he is a civilized man and a jungle man, big foot big mouth and a traitor like Aristide who claim to be above the law. Good work Martely and get ready to rule by decree and may God bless you and protect you from those lawless, thugs and drug dealers

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Subject: Michel Martelly getting some points from Rene Preval on how to handle the opposition edit

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