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Secret meeting between Martelly and G-8 causes Panic in Haitian Parliament

The members of the Haitian parliament have not been sleeping too well lately, specially after they head about the issues that were discussed in a supposedly secret meeting between President Michel Martelly and the opposition group G-8. Although this particular meeting is classified as "Secret Meeting" but.... we all know... it's Haiti..... This meeting supposedly took place on Tuesday, February 2nd. What actually gave members of the 50th legislative insomnia was a proposition by the G-8 to Martelly to do away with the newly elected legislators. The G-8 proposed the creation of a transitional government headed by the President for the Court of Cassation and also for the President to revoke his recent Government order to annul the recent legislative election.

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G8 rejects report from Commission, wants transitional government

In a note to the newsmedia, the G8 rejected the report issued by the Commission and demands the establishment of a government of transition to replace Martelly-Paul Government. According to the G8, the commission did not have the courage to make appropriate recommendations following observation of massive frauds because of their dependence on the executive government and the international community.


G8 rejte rapò ki soti nan Komisyon, vle gouvènman tranzisyon

Nan yon nòt yo bay Lapes, G8 la rejte rapò emèt pa Komisyon an. Yo mande etablisman yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou ranplase Gouvènman Martelly-Paul an. Dapre G8 la, komisyon an pa t 'gen kouraj pou fè rekòmandasyon ki apwopriye yo apre obsèvasyon frod masiv paske yo depandans de gouvènman egzekitif ak kominote entènasyonal la.

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Since Haitians can't agree, will a solution be imposed after January 12?

On Monday, Haiti will marks the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, but also the beginning of a new and dangerous political era. The Haitian governmewnt will be functioning without a functioning legislative government, an unknown number of Prime Ministers and Ministerial Cabinets and a CSPJ without President

After Monday, the terms of many of the parliaments will be expired, making it impossible to form a quorum.

Many in the opposition accused President Michel Martelly of allowing the parliament to expire in purpose in order to rule by decree. This is something he has already been done with the Martelly government with local municipalities. Many of Haiti's local municipalities are now run by appointed managers with decree form the President

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Opposition to disrupt economic activities in Haiti for the Holiday season

Street demonstration against the government of Michel Martelly will intensify during Christmas and new year holidays in Haiti. The radical opposition and Fanmi Lavalas stated that there will be no truce as they intend to disrupt all economic activities in Haiti during the period.

Street protests have already been scheduled for December 24 and 25, as well as January 1, 2015, to demand the resignation of President Michel Martelly from power

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, samble nou aprale passe yon move Nwel an Ayiti. Opozisyion-a decide pou Nwel ak Premye Janjie pa psee bien di tou. Yo deja programe manifestasyon pou 24, 25 Decem ak Premye Janvie nan payi-a

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Michel Martelly, 3rd unsuccessful invitation to the opposition parties

Will he rule by Decree come January 2015?

President Michel Martelly, through General Secretary Yves Germain, sent a third invitation to political parties and radical opposition groups to meet and discuss a way to resolve the pre-electoral crisis. Martelly scheduled a meeting with the groups at the Karibe Convention Center and urged them ". . . to extend the new invitation to Fanmi Lavalas."

Five opposition party leaders have acknowledged receipt of the latest invitation: Levaillant Jeune of INITE; Jean Victor of MOPOD; Jonas Coffy of Ayisyen pou Ayiti; Rosemond Pradel of Fusion; and Dr. Rudolph Prudent of Kontra Pep La. They will need to confer with each other before agreeing to meet Martelly.

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Will the Anti-Martelly Protests grow to the point of removing his government from office?

It's been a hard couple of weeks for the Martelly administration. Long having to suffer the verbal slings and arrows cast against them for the past few years, in the past few weeks, the attacks have become physical in some instances as well, and the recent postponement of the people's right to vote escalated the verbal protests to a deafening pitch. Many are demanding the resignation of the country's leader, and they are not slight in their number.

On June 10, 2014, Martelly signed a decree putting the date for elections as October 26, 2014, it was then announced in the middle of August, that that date would be postponed. On October 17, a protest ensued with tens of thousands of participants, calling for their right to elections, but this incident, coupled with others, was given as evidence of the type of political instability Martelly cited as the excuse for the postponement of the scheduled elections when, on October 26, he once again announced it was called off.

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Michel Martelly invites the opposition to talk for third time, not to negotiate

As I have been told, if you try one time you don't succeed, try again. If you try a second time you don't succeed, you should try a third time. That is the case with the executive branch of government in Haiti and the opposition. The opposition has so far refused to seat down with President Martelly to find a solution to the electoral crisis

The six opposition parties who now seem to have the upper hand as January 12, 2015 approaches wants the discussions to go beyond current election. Levaillant Louis Jeune for INITE, Jean André Victor for MOPOD, Jonas Coffy for Ayisyen pou Ayiti, Rosemond Pradel for Fusion, Dr. Rudolph Prudent for Kontra Pèp La, all want everything to be included in the discussion, including the resignation of Presiden Michel Martelly.

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Opposition plans Big Demonstrations October 26, 2014, Proposed election Day

Expect life to be very difficult this Sunday, October 26, 2014, as the opposition plans huge street protest in several cities in Haiti. This was the date the election was expected to be held; however, due to ongoing conflicts between the executive and some Senators, it was not possible.

Organizers of the Demonstration have demanded that the participants take their identification card and a red card for "vote". The red card is to be issued to the government of Martelly

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, jodi 26 Oktob sa, si manman pitit pa beswin, li pa dwe soti nan lary-a. Moun opozisyon yo di yo prale soty pou yo bay Gouvenman Martelly sa "Kat Rouj".

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Michel Martelly getting some points from Rene Preval on how to handle the opposition

Following a disaster on Monday where President Michel Martelly was left stoop up at Hotel Caribe, he has decided to get some advise from a man who has quite an experience with Haitian Politic. Michel Martelly welcomed Rene Preval at the National Palace today, October 14, 2014 and the two spent some time discussing the current political situation in Haiti.

So far, Rene Preval has been the only Haitian president who has completed two full terms. Michel Martelly to the the media after their meeting that the two discussed a variety of issue including elections, agriculture, Education, the environment, reforestation, and other. He also stated that Preval proved that he knew how to negotiate because he was able to reach agreement with different sectors while in office.

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Fierce opponent of Martelly-Lamothe government, Rony Timothee, arrested

On of the leaders of the opposition of the government of Michel Martelly has been put out of commission on the eve of a major protest. Rony Timothee was placed in custody in Petion-Ville.

The leader of the Lavalas FOPARK party, Rony Timothee, a fierce opponent of the Martelly / Lamothe government, received his arrest on Saturday afternoon in a location not far from Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

According to Radio Kiskeya, Rony Timothee was taken to the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police ( DCPJ ), the later placed in custody at the police station in Petion -Ville .

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