Michel Martelly preaching unity in Gonaives

It seems that President Michel Martelly did not only talk about unity in Gonaives to celebrate the 210th anniversary of Haiti independence; he actually followed it with concrete action. By inviting the former Haitian leaders to join him in Gonaives, he actually became the "First" as he usually likes to say to show that he is inclined to bring unity among Haitians. He is the first to meet with so many former head of states, first to invite them to participate in an anniversary that should have been a point of unity among all Haitians.


President. Michel Martelly believes that only the unity of the country will allow its children to win various battles that the Haitian population is facing today. Just for your memory in case many of us forget: Poverty: the country can't feed its people. Thanks to MINUSTAH and the UN, we have an ongoing battle with cholera. The Dominicans do not take us for anything as they invade our economy and at the same time treat us like animals. Our environment is a disaster and every time there is a hurricane, heavy rain, et. we are in trouble.

Michel Martelly can be criticized for many things and I will be the "First" to say he deserves many of them. However, he needs to get credit for his efforts to unite Haiti under one flag.

Minm si Michel Martelly pa ta fè anyen en Ayiti, mwen panse ke le fet ke li vini avek yon lot ide comman pou nou apran viv avek lot se deja yon gro bagay. Mwen panse, nan dis, vin, oubyen trant ans apre li kite pouvwa sa, anpil moun ap apresye efor li tape fè pou li te ini tout Ayisyen.

Minm jan ke Jean Claude Duvalier, Aristide, Preval et lot kite legaci pa yo. Mwen panse se sa kape rete pou Michel Martelly comm yon legaci

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Jules Casseus says...

We should appreciate this wonderful gesture of President Martelly.

It is time for the Haitian society to be united in order for us to come out of our backwardness and act as a modern society of the 21st century Bravo

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Soulshadow55 says...

Yes, let us hope that this is a new era for Haitian leadership.

Unity, rule of law and good governance are what makes a country great.

Haiti is unique amongst the countries of the world but Haiti continues to look to its past as its only glorious time. Haiti must look towards its future by stopping all of this conflict between leadership and learn to allow leaders to finish their terms, compromise and build institutions that will last for generations to come. Leaders should use their time in office wisely, especially now after the earthquake, to rebuild infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools and open more and more schools.

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Arlene says...

Yes he does stand up for his country, but it's surely not the most important thing.

He needs to stop his voodoo worship & except "Jezi" as his savior.

Haiti needs our prayers, only Jesus can change the situation

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