Michel Martelly preaching unity in Gonaives, sign of leadership

Soulshadow55 - January 3 2014, 1:15 PM

Yes, let us hope that this is a new era for Haitian leadership.

Unity, rule of law and good governance are what makes a country great.

Haiti is unique amongst the countries of the world but Haiti continues to look to its past as its only glorious time. Haiti must look towards its future by stopping all of this conflict between leadership and learn to allow leaders to finish their terms, compromise and build institutions that will last for generations to come. Leaders should use their time in office wisely, especially now after the earthquake, to rebuild infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools and open more and more schools.

All of this will provide jobs for people now and in the future.

It will also bring in more international investment.

Also, expand tourism and give more assistance to farmers of all kinds (crops, rice, coffee) which will feed more Haitian people and that an be sold on the open market.

Haiti has the capacity to be a great country but it must have the will of the people who govern it. There is an old saying that goes like this, "in order to lead a people, you must love a people." Do Haitian leaders love the people or do they love power?

Are they more concerned with helping to make Haiti a great country in which Haitians can live in peace, and harmony.

Where people are well-fed and have a job or a good school?

Or are they in office for themselves and their families and friends?

This is the most important question in Haiti right now. What is the purpose of leadership for the masses of Haitian people.

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