Moise Jean Charles, FOPARK and the slogan Eleksyon ou Demisyon

In analyzing the current political situation in Haiti, I can safely say there is no way that Moise Jean Charles of FOPARK will be able to force Michel Martelly out of office within the next week or at least within the next 3 three months. Therefore, they will have to return and modify their famous slogan: "Eleksyon ou Demisyon". In another term, the opposition is full of "Hot Air"


Here are the reasons why I came up with this conclusion: Either intentionally or due to our historic inability to find consensus or agree on almost anything, there has been a major split in the opposition. Since the controversy that existed when members of the FOPARK wanted to demonstrate in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince while the Lavalas party would not take any part of it, manifestations against Martelly government do not have any steam. Also, The State Department put all its weight behind the government of Michel Martelly and said publicly that the current government must finish its 5 years term.

In the meantime, Moise Jean Charles and members of FOPARK had a meeting last Friday and determined that they will give an answer to the Martelly-Lamothe administration starting January 2014.

"Bri Sapat" ti gacon

Monchè, dapre sa ke mwen oue, Mooise Jean Carles e ti Mesye FOPARK yo fè yon "Fopa". Dapre tout konsta ke mwen fè Michel Martelly pap fè yon pa Kita, Yon Pa Nago.

Mwen, me kestyon map poze-a, komman Moise Jean Charles et Ti mesye FOPARK yo aprale gade moun nan je apre ke tout moun oue fiasko sa?

E byen comm se politisyen, yape trouve yon facon kanminm pou you roule nou nan farin e montre ke se yo ki pote victwa

Anno gade nan mwa Janvye sa kap vini-a non!

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Subject: Moise Jean Charles, FOPARK and the slogan Eleksyon ou Demisyon edit

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