New political structure formed to remove Privert from office

Some of the closest political parties to president Michel Martelly and the PHTK party have one thing in common and are not willing to negotiate. It is June 14 which is just three days away. The group headed by former Prime Minister Evans Paul started a mobilization on Friday to demand the departure of President Jocelerme Privert by June 14. Evans Paul is in charge of the operation called: "Depoze Privert"


The new political structure is comprised of an interim management board with former Prime Minister Evans Paul

They think that President Privert is trying to remain in power without legitimacy. As a result, a street demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14 which is the date the mandate of President Privert is expired.

Haitian Kreyol:

Nouvo estrikti politik fòme pou retire Privert nan biwo

Kèk nan pati politik yo ki pi pre prezidan Michel Martelly ak PHTK gen yon bagay an komen. Se 14 jen ki se jis twa jou ale.

Gwoup sa ki gen nan tèt li ansyen Premye Minis Evans Paul te kòmanse yon mobilizasyon nan Vandredi pou mande depa Prezidan Jocelerme Privert 14 Jen.

Nouvo Estrikti politik sa ki gen ladan li ansyen Premye Minis Evans Paul panse ke Prezidan Privert ap eseye rete nan pouvwa. Kòm yon rezilta, gin yon demonstrasyon lari planifye pou Madi, 14 jen ki se dat mendate Prezidan Privert ape bout.

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Subject: New political structure formed to remove Privert from office edit

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