Work under way to nominate only one candidate for the G8

We have learned that there is a high possibility that one candidate could represent the G8 in the next presidential election in Haiti. I know what the next question is and I will answer it immediately. No, Moise Jean-Charles will not fall for something like this and would run under the banner "Pitit Dessalin". the group is currently working on the plan if thy manage to have a consensus on one candidate, it will likely be Jude Celestin.


Wouldn't this be interesting if we could have a race with Jude Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles, Maryse Narcisse and Jovenel Moise?

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Marie says...

Two candidates will be a valuable such as Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise that

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Subject: Work under way to nominate only one candidate for the G8 edit

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