New Video raising the race factor in Haiti 2010 Election

We just received a videotape raising the issue of race in the Haiti 2010 Presidential election. The main question, according to Mr. Wilner Nau who produced this videotape was:


How can we Haitian, with over 90% of the population being of African descent, elect a White Man in 2010? Mr. Nau further stated that Haiti is the first Black independent nation in the Caribbean. Over 100,000 Haitians were killed to put the white people out of the country. For a country that killed White people to get its independence, Mr. Nau would like to know what to say the next time a Jamaican, people from Trinidad and Tobago, or anyone who is working with him asks him the question: "What's up with your White President"

Let me say before answering this question that "The Haitian Joudalist" is an independent, self-employed individual. I don't work for any candidate and furthermore, I don't think any of them could afford me. The answer to Mr. Nau is simple: We can elect a White man in 2010 Haiti Presidential Election.

Do you want me to give you my reasons?

1) Haiti was the first Black nation in the new world to kick the White man out of the country and proclamed itself Independent.? Why? because we were mistreated, we were abused, our women were being raped. We couldn't protect our innocent children form the abuse. Our dignity was taken away from us. Consequently, we decided to take it on our own to liberate ourselves and successfully we did. Did we do that to eradicate one group of people from the country? I do not think so. Or if you are of a certain type, race, gender, or religious group, you are not in? I do not think so, because this would only present these people who fought so hard for our independence as a group of narrowly minded leaders.

2) Mr. Nau also mentioned that over 100,000 Haitians were killed to put the white people out of Haiti. Is it OK now in 2010 for more than 300,000 Haitians to die following a earthquake and where over 90% percent of these deaths could have been avoided only if Haitian knew how to live together, respect each other, and establish a government not based on setting one Haitian against another Haitian, but rather on the capacity of our leaders to work for the common good of all Haitians.

3) Mr. Nau would like to know what to say the next time a Jamaican, people from Trinidad and elsewhere, or anyone who is working with him asks him the question: "What's up with your White President". The answer should be simple. Over 200 years ago when we at the time the first group of Black people who morally believe that slavery was wrong and to fight for our liberty is also the first Black people who is now saying that we are all Haitians and have the same rights, whether some of us are Black, White, Yellow, Red, Mulato, Male, Female, Gay, Lesbians, Catholics, Protestant, Voodouism, Jewish, Muslem and so on. As a small nation, but a giant leader of the world in many other areas, we will continue to lead and teach people that now the problem is not between races or sexes or religious beliefs, by rather between the have and have not, who is willing to fight so that the mass can feed their family, send their children to school and create better opportunities for their children.

If today, over 200 year, we can still talk about Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henry Christophe, Petion, Boyer, it is because these people stood for something greater than our current race relation issue.

I will never forget this quote by an unknown author who say: " Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about people.

Your opinion counts. Please comment:

Do you think Charles Henri Baker should not become the president of Haiti because of his Whiteness?

Do you think Haiti should only be governed by Black people?

Is is more important to you to elect someone who looks more like you than someone capable of governing effectively?

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Polo says...

Isn't Mr. Baker haitian?

Does he meet the legal requirements to be a candidate?

So as long as the people believe in his message and qualifications to run the country, the best to him. The people who killed Estime were not white, were-they?

Were the Duvaliers and his military and civilian tonton macoutes whites?

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Jacquel Lavoire. says...

Bringing race of color of a candidate in the Haiti election is very sad and definitely something Haiti does not need. It's about time we include all Haitians id finding a solution for Haiti.

When the foreigner is discriminating against Haitians, most of them they do mot make a difference between White, Black, Mulato, etc
Often the foreigner who is looking at the rich, White Haitian does not think much about him. He usually associate that person with someone who has been taking advantage of the poor ones.
We need to get together and change the way they see

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Yvon P. says...

Do you think that if Charlito becomes president he will try to promote Mulato at the expense of the Black man. I live in Haiti for over thirty years.

I feel that if you are white ore have a little bit of colore in Haith, you have more opportunities.

How will Charlito address this issue?

He needs to tell me that by electing him, I will not put a grout of already rreach Haitians in a position to make even more

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Tania says...

This video that was posted asking questions about Charlito as being a white man in a predominantly black country does not have a place in this new time. Haiti belongs to all of its citizens, and not a fe w who think they own Haiti and the country was made only for

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