Can Sweet Mickey really be the Next President of Haiti?

Can someone help me answer this question: How does Sweet Mickey move from this to the Presidency of Haiti?


Can Sweet Mickey be President of Haiti

Do you think Sweet Micky is serious about wanting to become president for Haiti?

It's official, Michel, AKA Sweet Mickey is eligible and is running for President of Haiti.

A pa li Papa!

Everyone is running for president in Haiti, except those who can really change the country. See this video of the potentially next president of Haiti Mickey performing live:

The political candidate Sweet Mickey performing live, with all his lively presentation. Is it possible for Sweet Mickey to change since many people will always see him as an artist who built his fortune by being unrestricted in many ways.

Would you vote for him?

Do you think Mickey is more presentable than Wyclef Jean?

Do you think his popularity in music can be transferred into politic?

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Nicky says...

We have had a whole lot of serious people in office stating that they will help us and will make sure that the people of Haiti is well taken care of. What have these folks done for us. Nothing.

they have just taken advantage of us and also gotten rich on our account, while we suffer.

Haitians are not in a position to judge right now. We should elect people and hope that they do what is needed to be

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Jean says...

Vote for Micky to sang and dance but not for the president of my

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Jean Jacques Dessalines says...



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Operation Mete Haiti Sous says...

No I dodubt it. One of the reasons Haiti is in that mess. is because of the 28 years of the Duvalier regime., and 16 years of the Aristide regime.

What do you expect?

garbage in garbage out.At present there is a huge Leadership vacuum in Haiti.

The people are so desperate that they will accept any unexperienced leader.

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Love says...

You are right.

I can't trust him. He doesn't have a damn

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Truthteller101 says...

Haiti is not a night club. Why would we want Sweet Mickey to be president?

Don't forget we are not a small country, we are the first black country in the world to gain our own independence.

Also, Sweet Mickey is not able to be considered a supperviser in a small business.

Ou neg kap retire pantalon li ou moun, atansyon gin ou kwas respe pou peyi tanpri mezan mi. Michel, Please go to see a

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E.israel Saintil says...

La candidature, de notre cher president du compas, a la presidence pour la Republique d'Haiti n'est pas un miracle.Nous avions tant d'experience avec ceux qui ont une caractere serieuse but fruitless.

Je peux faire cette remarque que certains disent qu'il est vraiment vilgueur, ca n'as rien a voir avec son talent, sa capacite intellectuel, sa vie familiale, son honnetete, etc...Oui je vote a avoir une nouvelle experience de nos leaders.

Certes Wyclef pourrait etre un bon President parce qu'il a vraiment une fierte nationale incomparable, mais je pense que chaque pays a une constitution.

Je suis un supporter et fanatic de Wyclef mais je dois conscient et comprendre pour etre le president d'un pays il faut que tu recoives l'education nationale, pour mieux dire "Ou ta dwe yon filozof nasyonal".

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Janie says...

Michel Martelly should not be president of Haiti.

How can he explain his behaviors ans an entertainer.

This is the same Michel Martelly, aka: Sweet Micky, who would take its pants off during past performances.

This is really a joke for anyone to think this guy can actually be president.

I guess Haitians showed in the past that they can elect anyone, even a candidate who does not

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Rene says...

Hi Micky.

i will support you 100 percent.

The president of Kompa will be promoted to the president ofHaiti in November.

You got my vote my man. I am sorry, I am Haitian-American and can't vote in the Haiti election.

However, if I could vote, you would get it.

Viva the musica Haitians.

Viva Sweet Micky.


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