Next Electoral Council in Haiti, will it be Permanent of Temporary?

The date is set for Wednesday, August 15, 2012. What will it be. Will Michel Martelly go without the the participation of the Legislative branch and form a Permanent Electoral Council to organize the next election in Haiti or will he become more conciliatory and agree to Temporary Council?


That is the $100,000.00 question.

The Government announced recently that if by August 15th, Haitian Legislators did not come up with their three representatives. they will be put on the sideline. The day is today.

We are now waiting for a decision.

Senator Steven Irvenson Benoît in the meantime is trying to put water into the fire. In a letter dated August 9th, he requested a pacifying and stabilizing dialogue between the Executive, Parliament, the CSPJ, the political parties and civil society to find a compromise.

On the other hand, the Superior Council of Judicial Power that was recently installed is currently managing its own international fight. On Monday, the Bars Federation of Haiti decided to begin a procedure in Haiti Parliament for abuse of authority by the President of the Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSPJ), Me Anel Alexis Joseph. The Bar was also supposed to send a letter to the Haitian Government, requesting a suspension to the implementation of the Permanent Electoral Council. The claimed that the three names forwarded by the CSPJ, were chosen outside the law.

Here is the Problems:
The challenge of forming an
Electoral Council to organize the next election in Haiti. There are three branches of government in Haiti and the problem is that they are supposed to get together by sending their representatives to form the new entity responsible to conduct the election. And that is where the problem is.

This is very complicated stuff!

It is so complicated that it got Bouki and Malice into a huge conversation:

So far I understand this: Our government system is made of three branches: the executive, the Legislative and Judicial. Thy were created to watch over each other and have things mare balanced. So what is the problem?

And that is the problem my friend. Some want to control, some want to influence, some are just doing business.

Now, who is looking out for Haiti?

Malice was unable to answer. can you please help answering this question by Bouki?

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Harold L. Rocourt says...

We would like to know what does the constitution says about the "Permanent Electoral Council?

In 1987 the haitian people voted for a new constitution that is very precise about this matter.

Plan you please bring a clarification in this

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Raoul J. says...

Senator Steven Benoit is what you would call in Haitian politic: Tambou De Bouda.

Sometimes he is with you and sometimes he is not. Depending what is in his favor.

It is about time we have a new group of Senators and Depute in the country.

These people are not serving the

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Jack Alexis says...

I believe only a Dictatorship is good for Haiti.

This is a country where its own enemies are inside.

The biggest problem for Haiti is Haitians.

The only way this country will go ahead is to get ride of those who are preventing Haiti from moving a

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Josuane F says...

Haiti has too many Chiefs for its own good. Why couldn't these people see the interest of the country first.

I want Martelly to go and name a Permanent Electoral Council to organize the next election in Haiti

Ti Paym Sa Plin

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