North Miami Election on Haitian Radio, can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

The Haitian Radio landscape of North Miami during an election period is a veritable game of thrones. With a whole third of the North Miami population being of Haitian descent, hopefuls for the city council and the position of mayor take to the ever important airwaves to sway the votes of this influential number.


The importance of Creole radio in North Miami is unquestionable. Even non-Creole speaking candidates and other interested parties keep themselves abreast of what is being broadcast because, quite often, the elections all but play out over the radio waves. The relationship to the Haitian residents of North Miami and their radio stations is not always a healthy one. They hang so trustingly upon the words of the broadcasters that the truth and lies are often accepted unquestioningly. Therefore, any candidate serious for election must keep on top of what is being said about them on radio. They must not only police what others are saying, but be a source of information by having a decisive presence on the most popular stations and talk-shows.

It's a lesson learned by a white city council candidate, Carol Keys, whose past ad rendering special interest groups as pigs was interpreted as her calling Haitians pigs. The campaign ad ran two years ago in her bid for mayor, a seat she lost, and almost derailed her chances for city council this year.

Also caught in the war of words is Haitian host and mayor-elect, Lucie Tondreau, who lives to regret salacious comments she privately made about her prowess which were recorded without her knowledge and broadcast on air.

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Subject: North Miami Election on Haitian Radio, can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen edit

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