Nursing education in Haiti increased from 3 years to 4 years

Almost exactly three years ago, one year after their necessary role in Haitian society was made glaringly clear to those in need of and lacking aid after the 2010 earthquake, the focus on the country's small fleet of nurses grew and the newfound interest allowed for the creation of a brand new program for nursing in the country. The need arose after the quake took the lives of near to a hundred nurses in the country and also brought down the Port-au-Prince school for nursing.


In 2011, the new plan to revive the field came in the shape of a master's degree program, requiring three years of study, was made available to nursing school students from five of the public schools for nursing across the country. Included in the three years of study, students followed decades' held curriculum studying mainly for hospital service. This left a gap in the market for other fields such as patient education, pediatric care, public health program management, surgery and primary care.

This year, the Ministry of Public Health has embarked on a new study curriculum which will now see future nurses armed with 4 year degrees instead of just 3 year ones. This requires the student to have earned 130 credits, 60 accredited to nursing and 70 from other, varied subjects. The project, while lengthening the study period necessary before new nurses can begin to contribute to the field, will ensure the utmost competence and qualification of the nation's nurses.

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Subject: Nursing education in Haiti increased from 3 years to 4 years edit

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