New Soccer Season of the National Championship in Haiti

On 17 January 2014, the President of the Haitian Football Federation (FHF) Yves Jean-Bart in presence of the Vice President of the federation, Gary Nicolas with Carlo Marcelin, the Secretary General along with other federation members like Pierre André Myrville, Varieno Saint-Fleur Monique André, Gabriel Rigaud Junior and national technical director, Wilner Étienne, has announced on the ranch of Croix-des-Bouquets that the national championship for the coming season will begin on 15 February.


The sixteen participating teams in the tournament will be Racing Club Haïtien, Valencia, Baltimore, Aigle noir AC, AS Petit Goâve, AS Mirebalais, Racine of Gros Morne, Tempête FC, Cavaly AS, Fica, Victory Sportif Club, Don Bosco SC, América des Cayes, ASC, the Racing of Gonaïves and Violette AC. The last two teams have qualified from D2 in the last season which was a cause of uproar to some. However, the President Yves Jean-Bart has replied that this is a pure sporting choice. Both of these teams have glorious past, reputation and tradition which others do not possess. Our process of selection selects only the bests, "the Super Elite", and that depends on many additional issues away from the performance on the field. The members who did not like this selection did never offer us any better alternative other than complaining on "spending issues". To make professional tournaments successful, money is the most essential ingredient.

The highest or premier division football league in Haiti is also known as 'Division 1 Ligue Haïtienne'. It is presently often referred as 'Digicel D1'. The league was started in 1937 by the official governing body 'Fédération Haïtienne de Football'. The two top teams, i.e., champion and runner of the tournament, qualify to participate in CONCAF Champion Cup from the first round of Caribbean Football Union Club Championship. Fourteen teams used to participate so far to compete for the national champion title of which Racing Club Haïtien is the most successful (14 times).

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