Only 15 percent of Haitian voters expected to vote on August 9

It seems to me only the candidates who can motivate their base in the upcoming legislative elections in Haiti on August 9 have a real chance of winning in the first round. Another way of saying this, anyone can win this


According to a survey just released by the Observatory of Citizen Action by Public Authorities (OCAPH) just five days ahead of Haiti legislative elections only 15 percent of the people registered to vote will actually do so. Most Haitian voters are taking an " I Don't Care" attitude.

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) did launch some sensitization campaigns to get more people interested in voting; However, it has not been so far effective.

May be the population does not believe it will make any difference

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Nestor Mateo says...

And that's so very bad. Only a few people will have access to the new representatives who result elected.

Will these authorities really care about the other people...

of those who don't participate in the electoral process now?

The majority of the population, regardless of its right to be upset with the actual political status quo of the country, will not participate in the electoral process; then, will they be taken in consideration by those who won't get their support to win the elections?

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Subject: Only 15 percent of Haitian voters expected to vote on August 9 edit

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