Only 15 percent of Haitian voters expected to vote on August 9

Nestor Mateo - August 6 2015, 2:18 PM

And that's so very bad. Only a few people will have access to the new representatives who result elected.

Will these authorities really care about the other people...

of those who don't participate in the electoral process now?

The majority of the population, regardless of its right to be upset with the actual political status quo of the country, will not participate in the electoral process; then, will they be taken in consideration by those who won't get their support to win the elections?

By not participating in the electoral process, they allow a tiny minority to make all the administrative decisions of the country; so, then, who to blame?

Every candidate participating in the present municipal and congressional electoral process is allied to a candidate to the presidential elections, so how come so many candidates cannot motivate the people to get involved?

Are we really doing the job?

Are the people properly informed and documented to participate in process such as this?

There has to be a solution.

Haitians must take control of their own destiny.

The people have to do their talk and walk their walk. That's the only way.

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Only 15 percent of Haitian voters expected to vote on August 9

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