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Wyclef Jean unable to pay debt, there ain't no money

According to Wyclef Jean's accountant in an email to his creditors: "there ain't no money". His business manager declared that the singer was broke.

Wyclef Jean agreed in 2013 to pay the law firm Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman $100,000 to settle an outstanding bill that had reached $133,000. The disbursement were to be as follows Wyclef Jean was to pay the firm $10,000 by August 1, 2013, and $50,000 by year's end. However, record showed that he did not make any payment.

In addition, The Haitian Rap Singer is still dealing with a tax lien of around $2.9 million that he has not paid

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Haitian William Florville, One of Lincoln's Best Friends

A little-known fact about Abraham Lincoln is one of his best friends was a Haitian businessman, William Florville. Florville was Lincoln's personal barber for 24 years. They met in New Salem in 1831, and later Florville moved to Lincoln's home state of Illinois, operating Florville's barbershop across from the governor's mansion. Lincoln and Florville bonded around fish tales and traded jokes.

Florville's barbershop became an informal men's club, and it was remarked that ". . . only two men in Springfield understood Lincoln, his law partner William H. Herndon and his barber, William Florville." Florville, in one instance, took care of Lincoln when he had fallen ill, and in another, asked Lincoln for help with a property title problem. Lincoln had difficulty in getting the matter settled, and Florville was not afraid to prevail upon Lincoln to get the issue resolved sooner than later. As a result of Lincoln's friendship, Florville prospered with considerable land holdings.

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Tony Blair and Laurent Lamothe Meet to Keep Haiti on Course

Tony Blair, Britain's ex-Prime Minister, met with Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, on Tuesday, February 25th, for a working meeting. Blair came to Haiti to review reconstruction efforts Haiti has made since the 2010 earthquake seriously fractured its infrastructure. Blair was particularly interested in finding out how the government of Haiti was able to relocate nearly 100% of families that had lived in tent cities.

On the table for discussion were the reformation of government and measures to be actualized in ramping up decentralization; attracting foreign investment to give traction to the Haitian economy; and the creation of more permanent jobs for Haitians.

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Petit-Trou de Nippes's Dany Laferriere Library

On January 26, 2014, the Dany Laferriere Library celebrated its official opening with an array of noted Haitian authors in attendance for the ceremony. They included, among many glitterati present, Yanick Lahens, Bonel Auguste, Christophe Phillipe Charles, Killy Charlot, and poet, Claude C. Pierre.

Dany Laferriere is a Haitian-Canadian novelist and journalist, who began life in Port-au-Prince, but was later reared in Petit Goave. He toiled as a journalist in Haiti prior to relocating to Canada, which he did in 1976. He continued his work as a journalist in Canada, as well as hosting several TV shows for TQS network.

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Who is Veronique Roy, the companion of Jean-Claude Duvalier

The stage has been set for the return of the polemic Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, and at center stage is his hard to figure out viceroy, Véronique Roy. Roy appeared on the scene in early 2011, often on the arm, or not far from the shadow of the former dictator, Duvalier, who, now in his early 60's, returned to the country after spending 25 years as an exile in France.

Roy's persona as something of a femme fatale, considered by some to be the mistress of Duvalier, is aggravated by the air of mystery which surrounds her. What exactly is her label? That's the question most persons would like answered. But the lack of dialogue as to the true role she plays in his life leaves the matter up for speculation, with some labeling her as companion, mistress and, overall political upstart.

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Haitians Honored for commitment and consistency in 2013

Several individuals in Haiti have been commended by parliament for their hard work and perseverance in being strong contenders for freedom of speech, press, equalitarianism, etc.

They are: Frantz Duval, Emmelie Prophet Milce Jean Tholbert Alexis Simon Dieuseul Desras Gary Pierre-Paul Charles, Anthony Pascal aka"Konpè Filo" Marie Lucie Bonhomme and Me Carlos Hercules and Francis Concite

These individuals received plates of honor for their promotion of these freedoms and rule of law in their country. Two branches of parliament have deemed these individuals brave peace workers who would step forth when many others may have been too timid.

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Not to Share Wealth with Poor is Theft, Pope Francis

On November 27, 2013, Pope Francis, the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church has taken aim at capitalism and termed it as theft unless wealth is shared with poor. In an 84-page document, he has urged that to save the economy, the world leaders should intensify their efforts to fight against poverty and inequality.

Rich people should share their wealth with the poor. Pope Francis also warned that the present financial system supports uneven distribution of wealth; people are becoming aggressive, corrupted, and heartless. They always want to accumulate more for own. Nobody cares when a homeless aged person dies carelessly but if the stock market loses two points it becomes a sensational news.

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Where is Businessman Daniel Evinx?

The Haitian businessman, Daniel Evinx, has been missing since January 5th, 2014 and no one has been able to explain his disappearance. His car was found at a gas station near the entrance of the city of Gonaïves

According to inspector Garry Desrosiers of the National Police, Daniel Evinx had left his vehicle at a gas station in Gonaives, and had taken a motorcycle taxi to an undetermined destination.

Businessman Daniel Evinx who is a close friend of President Michel Martelly is the current owner of Dan's Creek Hotel in Les cayes.

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Haitian-Canadian Dany Laferriere New Member of Academie Francaise

Haiti has grown in national pride with the election of Haitian-Canadian author, Dany Laferriere, to the Academie Francaise. President Martelly made the announcement of Laferriere's selection to the Academie public on December 12, 2013. It is a great honor for Haiti, Martelly said, that Laferriere who rose from Petit-Goâve to national prominence has now become part of an international community of renowned writers.

Prime Minster Lamothe also commented on Laferriere's selection as a reflection of the importance and immensity of his work, international reputation and contribution to literature

Laferriere, a sexagenarian, lives in Montreal and has written more than a dozen novels and as many essays. His 2009 autobiographical novel, L'enigme du retour, which recounted his return to Haiti after his father passed away, nabbed the distinguished Prix Medicis award. His first novel, Comment faire l'amour avec un negre sans se fatiguer, was published in 1985. He later wrote the screenplay adaptation for the film.

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Joel Edouard Vorbe, member of Lavalas Party

After suffering major damage to the C4 and C5 bones of his vertebrae, Lavalas party member, Joel Edouard Vorbe could have given up on life and the pursuit of progress. Born with all his faculties intact, it took a bullet, fired by a gunman who also took the life of Vorbe's step-father in the same outdoor assault, to rob an ambitious, young pastry chef of his dream.

Joel Edouard Vorbe was born in 1975 and knew quickly what he wanted to do with his life. He would study at the Institute Saint Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince, before studying the culinary arts and hospitality management in France. After four years as a student, Vorbe returned to Haiti and worked in his chosen career until the incident which robbed him of the use of all his limbs.

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