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Does Guyler C Delva have the instinct of Rat on sinking ship?

The announcement this week of Guyler C. Delva to leave his position as Communications Advisor for President Michel Martelly has been making the round and has been subject of many interpretations and comments. Rats abandoning a sinking ship has been the idiom many have been used since to describe his action.

Is this true or not?

The idiom "Rats abandoning a sinking ship" is often used to describe large numbers of people leaving when something is about to fall. Similarly, you notice large number of employees leaving a company. The company must be going bankrupt.

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Miss World Philippines Megan Young accident in Haiti - Live Video

This accident was not good for Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young and Miss World Chairman Julia Morley during their visit in Haiti as they fell about 8 to 10 feet when the floor of the temporary building's second story collapsed.

However, it looked even worst for the organizers who were unable to provide at least a safe stand for an international celebrity like Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young.

It was reported that as a result of the building collapsing, Julia Morley and one of the children, Jonathan, suffered fractures. Miss World Megan Young and the other children at the stage escaped unhurt.

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Madonna in Haiti at the invitation of her ex-husband, Sean Penn

America's queen of pop, the ever-current Madonna, has hopped on a plane and flown to Haiti after the encouragement of an old friend with ties to the country's rebuilding efforts. At the behest of her former husband, Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn, the 'Like a virgin' singer has come to the country for a few days' visit with her small son, Rocco.

The two divorced at the end of the 80's after a whirlwind romance and four years of marriage, but remained such good friends that Penn was able to wear her down and convince her that the trip would be worthwhile. The effort seems worth it as Madonna has taken photos, including one at the Mirebalais University Hospital, along with its staff, and posted them on Instagram, shedding light on her trip and giving attention to the cause to the millions of people across Instagram's huge social platform.

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Hit with $13 million lawsuit, President Rene Preval "Nan Cho"

If everything goes his way for Canadian businessman Charles Edward Narcisse, Former President Rene Preval would have to come up with the sum of $ 13 million to give him.

According to, the Canadian businessman is suing our former President for something called "immeasurable damage"

Based on information obtained on, Canadian businessman Charles Edward Narcisse is reporting that between 1996 and 1998, he has lived through hell in Haiti.

According to a complaint filed at the courthouse in Longueuil, Canada on October 17, 2013, his "immeasurable damage" came as a result of his work in Haiti to advise the government on reviving the Cement of Haiti and his problems with an influential family there.

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Boniface Alexandre, Acting President of Haiti

Boniface Alexandre, born on July 31, 1936, was the 54th President of Haiti. He served as the acting Haitian President's between February 29, 2004 and May 14, 2006.

Boniface Alexandre was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court when his predecessor President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted by"2004 Haitian coup d'état". Thus, he was in normal lineage to become the President when Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigned on February 29, 2004.

Boniface Alexandre assumed the charge within a few hours of his resignation in a brief ceremony at the home of Prime Minister Yvon Neptune. Alexandre was raised by his uncle, former Haitian Prime Minister Martial Célestin. He trained himself as an expert lawyer, specializing in business contracts and marriage settlements and worked for twenty five years in a Port-au-Prince law firm named 'Cabinet Lamarre'. He was appointed in Haiti's Supreme Court in the 1990s and President Jean-Bertrand Aristide appointed him as the Chief Justice in 2002. As a Chief Justice, he fought against the incompetence and corruption in the judicial system and earned a reputation for fairness.

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Star Pamela Anderson Runs First-Time Marathon for Haiti Relief

The ING New York City Marathon was held recently to raise funds for Haiti's reconstruction projects and relief agency work happening there. Canadian actress Pamela Anderson, formerly of Baywatch fame, participated in the race. She was representing non-profit organization, J/P HRO. A Haitian contingent also ran in the race, including Astrel Clovis, who completed the run in two hours and forty-six minutes. Clovis's team will be running next June 2014 in the Petion-Ville Half Marathon.

Pamela Anderson had never competed in a race before, but was game for the challenge. She had just six weeks to prepare. Her strenuous workouts several days a week helped her with endurance. She does a full-body workout, using free weights and cardio training. She ran with brother, Gerry, and raised $75,864 in funds for Haiti.

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Francois C. Antoine Simon - December 1908 to August 1911

Francois C. Antoine Simon (1843 - 1923) was the 18th Haitian President between 6 December 1908 and 3 August 1911. He succeeded his predecessor, the autocratic President Pierre Nord Alexis, by leading a rebellion against him.

President Simon had little formal education but with his foresight, appointed a six member cabinet team for the well being of the country. He was a respected and ambitious president who introduced many beneficial reforms for the development and rebuilding of Haiti. His one of the greatest achievement was to introduce an Act that enabled many Haitians in exile to return. President Simon constantly strove to improve the agriculture in the country.

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Here comes Moise Jean Charles on Cap-Haitian Incident

In the neighborhood where I grew up in Haiti, there was someone just like Senateur Moise Jean Charles, One who seems to know everything and something about everyone.

We would call them" "Moun Tripot"

Was that the case for you?

My Mother use to call these people:
" Dyol A Lè Lè"
" Pitit Sa Gin Yon Vwonmisman Malkadi"
" Moun Sa, Pa Gin Sa Li Pa Di A Dyol Li"
" Ou Kwe Se Pa Fe Yo Fe Pitit La Sa?"
" Yon Jou Lang Li Ap Rete Pandye Sou Lestomak Li"

Moise Jean-Charles is quite unique in this area. The Senator of North Department seems to know everything. So you can imagine that he would have an answer for the incident that took place recently where School children from two popular schools in the city of Cap-Haitian were the object of attacks.

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North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias to Reimburse City

North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias traveled seven times in Haiti since April 2012. He charged the city each time for a total of $14,000. His travel expenses were paid from city's Law Enforcement Trust Fund which was created out of the money seized from criminals and which was meant to be spend on training, public education, equipment or crime prevention. However, as per the statement of City Manager Stephen Johnson, Elias' most recent trip in August did not have enough documents entitling him reimbursement.

While Lucie Tondreau, the Mayor of North Miami, was in Haiti on a private vacation, Marc Elias, as per his revelation, accompanied him by flying in business class to ensure the mayor's safety. The other purposes of his trips as per his disclosure were, meeting Haitian police staff in a program under strengthening the Haitian Police force, attending eighteenth anniversary celebration for Haitian police force and a swearing-in ceremony for Haiti's national police chief.

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News Update: Andre Michel has been released

After supporters of Andre Michel had gathered around the Palace of Justice to apply some pressure, André Michel was released. According to report, he was taken to the Haitian Parliament by a group of parliamentarians for security issue. The people on the streets asked for the immediate release of André Michel. They even went further in their slogans, chanting:

"Aba Francisco Rene arrest Rene Francisco,"
Also, there has been rumors in the streets that Mr. Francisco Rene is already on his way out. Many people rumored state the possible dismissal of the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Mr. René Francisco in the next few days

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