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David Nelson Giving Hope to Orphans in Port-au-Prince

David Nelson, a New York Jets receiver, has it all: looks, fame, youth, talent, and money. But he never realized he had something else that overrides it: a big heart. In 2012 Nelson decided to visit Haiti as a volunteer to help with the recovery. And what he saw changed his life forever.

He found a small boy trapped atop some rebar and rescued him. He offered him candy, toys, and other kinds of gifts but the boy refused them all. When Nelson asked him what did he want, the lad held up his arms and answered "Hope". Nelson, in that moment, was transformed. He understood his mission in Haiti was deeper, more profound than handing out footballs at the inauguration of a school lunch program, or spending a few minutes shooting hoops with young fans. What the boy voiced and Haiti's poor communities are asking for every day is for their lives to be given hope, to not be filled with hunger, lack of electricity, schooling, healthcare, clothing, jobs.

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Wencesclas Lambert di: Premye Minis Lamothe pap fe ron pot sanCensur Palman-an

Mezanmi, nou panse Kiz sa fini. Se pa vre di tou. Senate Wenceslas Lambert monte o Kreno pou li di ke Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe p ka kite post li san ke Palman Ayisyen-an pa ba li yon vot Censur.

Pou Senatè-a ki ape sipote Gouvenman-a, Premye Minis la Pa dwe fè yon Pa Kita, Yon Pa Nago san ke Palman-an pa prononce li

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe will not leave his post unless censure by the Parliament, said Senator Wenceslas Lambert

Problem an Ayiti pa janm piti

Ki sa nou panse?

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Marleine Bastien wants to stop deportation now and free our children

The Haitian Women of Miami staged a press conference outside their Miami offices on August 27, 2014 to test the theory that there is strength in numbers. The advocates would try to sway the immigration officials, who have in custody over a dozen Haitian migrants, to release a list of the names of those held. Speaking to the crowd at the event, the group's Executive Director, Marleine Bastien, said that the detainees needed to be given their right to due process.

The refugees were picked up days before as they tried to enter the United States through Hillsboro Beach. Information is scarce, but of the 20 migrants suspected to have set out, 19 have survived, 5 of whom are children. Desperate family members also were present at the press conference, holding up pictures of their loves ones, chanting along with the crowd for a stop to deportation and the release of the children in custody.

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Apostolic Nuncio, Mgr. Bernardito Cleopas Auza decorated with National Order of Honor and Merit

It has been a good year for the Catholic Church in Haiti. The 25th of August saw the Representative of the Holy See in Haiti receive from the Haitian President the decoration of the National Order of Honor and Merit at Grade of Grand Cross Silver Plate. The bestowment took place at the National Palace and was witnessed by the First Lady, Sophia Martelly, President of the Court of Cassation, Arnel Alexis Joseph, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Stevenson Jacques Thimolean, His Eminence Cardinal Chilby Langlois and other prominent members of the Haitian Catholic clergy and members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps.

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Charles St-Remy AKA Kiko Vs Laurent Lamothe, Problem in the Presidential Family

What ever happened to: " Laver son linge sale en famille?

The protest of November 18, 2014 has revealed one thing if anything else. It has confirmed rumors that have been circulating out in the streets. It does in fact exists many different clans in the government of Michel Martelly and as in many territories controlled by clans, they will fight for control of territories.

The now open and unmistaken fight between Charles St-Rémy AKA Kiko and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe falls under this category. Kiko St. Rémy, Martelly's own brother-in-law, joined the marchers on November 18 to publicly demand the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe.

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Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra launch peanut depot in Tierra Muscady, Haiti

One of the most important crops grown in Haiti is peanuts. The call for its increased production has led to a tripartite collaboration between the University of Georgia's (UG) research project, Feed the Future Innovation Lab; the Clinton Foundation; and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Ex-president, Bill Clinton, and patron, Frank Giustra, formed the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) to start Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation, which is developing a supply chain, to raise the living standards of 12,000-plus peasant peanut farmers. The first of a network of supply chains is beginning operations at the Acceso depot, based in Tierra Muscady, followed by 35 other centers. Acceso depots are all-purpose facilities for instruction, seed purchases, and other inventory-related tasks, storage, and distribution operations.

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Former President of Haiti, Leslie Manigat, dies at 83

The 43rd president of Haiti died at the age of 83. The politician is a famous man who is still known as Professor Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat. His death occurred while he was sleeping in his home. Professor Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat became the president of Haiti in February 1988 and served until June 1988.

Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat was born in Port-au-prince in the year 1930, on August 16th. He served as the Director of Political Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 1950s. While in the ministry, he was accused of organizing the students' strikes of the 1960s during the regime of Francois Duvalier. This led to him being imprisoned for two months in the year 1963. He then fled the country to France, U.S.A and Venezuela in fear of Francois Duvalier.

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire Hunger Strike Protests Silence on Constitutional Violations

Lower House Deputy, Arnel Belizaire, is taking his dissatisfaction with the government of Haiti to extremes. After physically assaulting Prime Minister (PM) Lamothe's representative, parliamentarian Phelito Doran, Belizaire was suspended from Parliament for two months and his wages cut by 50%.

Undeterred, he has begun a hunger strike to protest the illegitimacy of the Judiciary Superior Council President, Me Anel Alexis Joseph, whose appointment Belizaire contends poses a conflict of interest. Joseph is an intimate of P.M. Lamothe, and Belizaire believes Joseph is unduly influenced by Lamothe's political agenda.

To up the ante, Belizaire has barricaded himself in a Lower House meeting room, bringing with him a mattress, bedding, and a gun to send a message to Parliament ". . . to stop condoning the violations of the Constitution . . ." He is also demanding political prisoners be set free and wants an accounting of how Parliament is spending funds allocated to it through the United States Agency for International Development.

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Was Antenor Firmin a Prophet?

Antenor Firmin Debunks French Author Gobuineau's White Supremacy Theory

Haitian intellectual Antenor Firmin was born in the old French colonial city of Cap-Haitien in 1850. He carved out a distinguished career as a journalist, attorney, and writer. He was appointed by President Hyppolite as Minister of Finance and Commerce, and also Minister of Foreign Affairs. But history has remembered him best as the author of the book "The Equality of the Human Races", a refutation of Arthur de Gobuineau's "Essay on the Inequality of Human Races", which argued for white supremacy over minority races.

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Michel Martelly getting some points from Rene Preval on how to handle the opposition

Following a disaster on Monday where President Michel Martelly was left stoop up at Hotel Caribe, he has decided to get some advise from a man who has quite an experience with Haitian Politic. Michel Martelly welcomed Rene Preval at the National Palace today, October 14, 2014 and the two spent some time discussing the current political situation in Haiti.

So far, Rene Preval has been the only Haitian president who has completed two full terms. Michel Martelly to the the media after their meeting that the two discussed a variety of issue including elections, agriculture, Education, the environment, reforestation, and other. He also stated that Preval proved that he knew how to negotiate because he was able to reach agreement with different sectors while in office.

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