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International Police (Interpol) is now looking for Roro nelson for his arrest

Roro Nelson, a fugitive wanted by Danton Leger

The best friend of former Haitian president Michel Martelly, Roro Nelson, now has real problem. International Police (Interpol) is now actively looking for him. The Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince made the request and it has been approved. Roro Nelson is officially a fugitive of the law and can be captured from anywhere in the world and brought back to face Haitian justice system. Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger made the announce on Tuesday at a radio station in the Haitian capital. Multiple complaints have been filed against Roro Nelson for abuse of power under the government of Michel Martelly.

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Donald Trump is worth over $4.5 billion in 2016

Donald Trump's net worth estimated at $4.5 billion in 2016

Donald Trump's wealth and love for the finer things in life are well documented. During the 2016 election cycle, he has mentioned that he is self-funding his campaign, but remained reluctant to disclose his finance details.

In last May, Trump in a statement posted to his campaign site claimed that he is worth at least $10 billion and his worth had even increased in the year since he began his campaign. However, financial experts are less certain of such huge opulence. They have valued his net worth to be significantly lower, in a range of $2.9 to $4.5 billion. In 2015, when Trump began his presidential campaign, Bloomberg estimated his worth at $2.9 billion.

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$800,000 Deputy Rony Celestin's home taken by Government

A $800,000 Home occupied by Deputy Rony Celestin confiscated

A Home estimated at $800,000 belonging to Deputy Rony Celestin has been confiscated by the Haitian government. From what we understand, the order was given by the Lead agency for domestic enforcement of federal drug laws, and for coordinating and pursuing U.S. drug investigations abroad, DEA.

The home is located at Thomassin 48 and this is where some agents of CONALD proceeded a t the confiscation of the home. Other information obtained revealed that this particular house in fact belongs to Mr. Sergo Edouard who is currently in prison in the US.

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Actress Nice Simon placed as new Mayor of Tabarre

Mayor of Tabarre Nice Simon with Deputy Gracia Delva

This is Actress Nice Simon as she was installed as the new Mayor of Tabarre on Monday, June 27, 2016. Present at the ceremony was Deputy of Tabarre, Caleb Desrameaux, Gracia Delvas. Ms. Simon became popular in the movie "I Love You Anne". She played the role of the intimate friend of Don Kato.

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Singer, actor and producer Jean-Claude Guillaume is dead

Singer, Actor And Producer Jean-Claude Guillaume

Since December 2015, the social media has been announcing his death following the deterioration of his health. However Jean-Claude Guillaume has been fighting until Wednesday, June 15, 2016 when he finally passed away at New England Sinai Hospital in Stoughton, Boston, Massachusetts.

Jean-Claude Guillaume had made peace with his creator before his death. His most recent music album ha the gospel hit song called "Temwanyaj, produced to testify to the greatness of God. The Haitian artist never lost hope as he was suffering. He testified that he made the song to say thank you to God and show him gratitude for curing him form his cancer.

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Moise Jean-Charles accused Evans Paul in gas stations arson

Moise Jean-Charles accused Evans Paul in gas station fire

Moise Jean-Charles holds former Prime Minister Evans Paul responsible for several incidents where several gas stations have been victims of attacks and attempted arson.The leader platform Pitit Dessalines informed the press that he has been trying to contact Evans Paul to ask him to stop these criminal acts, but to no avail. Moise Jean-Charles said that he knows very well what Evans Paul is capable of, consideration his past as former militant Kompe Plim.

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Moise Jean-Charles akize Evans Paul nan dife estasyon gaz yo

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Guy Philippe not showing up for convocation, invoking immunity

Guy Philippe

As you may remember, Me Roosevelt Zamor who is the Government Commissioner at the Court of First Instance of Jérémie had invited Mr. Philippe on may 24 to come in order to answer some questions as his name was cited in the attack perpetrated at the Police Station in Cayes. However lawyers for Guy Philippe has asked an extension for two weeks to prepare for the court invitation. The request was granted and the new date was set for June 7, 2016

However, Guy Philippe was nowhere to be seen on Tuesday, June 7. His attorney, quoting Article 237 of the 2015 electoral decree argued that his client did not have to be present: " No citizen, whose candidacy for elective office was approved by the Provisional Electoral Council, can subject to deprivation of liberty measures only pursuant to a final judgment, except in cases of flagrante delicto."

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Never seen before, Muhammad Ali and Jean-Claude Duvalier photo

Muhammad Ali and Jean-Claude Duvalier

The son of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, Nicolas Duvalier share a rare, never seen before picture f his father and the former Heavyweight Champion of the World Muhammad Ali. Nicolas Duvalier twitted Muhammad Ali and my father Jean-Claude Duvalier.

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Shabba engaged to Marie Diane Claude

Shabba engaged to Marie Diane Claude

Herve Anthenor, Known under his artist name Shabba, has decided to decided to make things more formal with the mother of his three children. He has decided to get engaged with Diane Claude, whom he had an 11 years relationship with. The demand was made Wednesday, June 20, 2016.

The wedding is expected to take place sometime in December of this year with the ceremony taking pace in New York while the reception scheduled for Haiti.

This will give me plenty of time to save n order to purchase a new jacket for the event

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Lamothe calls travel ban arbitrary, illegal, abusive, done for publicity

Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister

In a press release, the office of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe denounced the decision taken recently by Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to issue a travel ban to his administration. According to the former Prime Minister, this decision is arbitrary, illegal and abusive; taken in flagrant violation of the Constitution and the International Covenant on Human Rights. He continues to say that these former officials are only justiciable in front of the High Court of Justice. He called the act: " Political intimidation" by a Government Commissioner eager for publicity at the expense of legal principles

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