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Rene Preval going for baggage check at Airport unnoticed

What a difference power can make. Here is a picture of former Haitian President Rene Preval in line to check his baggage as he is leaving the country. There are no securities, no one to carry the luggage, no diplomatic room for him. The guy looks like a regular passenger getting ready to take his flight.

Some people see this as a sign of humility, suggesting that most would get straight to the front of the line without any regard to the others.

However, he is not anybody. Rene Preval has manage to be the only Haitian president to serve two full five year terms as President of Haiti. many would say he is the only president so far who really knows the Haitian people and how to deal with them. He is a master in Haitian politic.

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All ministries currently running a budget deficit, Daly Valet

Is th Haitian Government bankrupted? It seems like it if you heard the last comment made by Daly Valet. According to the advisor for President Jocelerme Privert, none of the advisors to the president has received any salary since he came into power. Daly Valet declared on Radio vision 2000 on Thursday, May 5, 2016 that the advisors did not receive even one gourde for their services. He also informed the listeners that all the ministries are currently running a budget deficit. According to Mr. Valet, the predictions were over estimated with all spending for current fiscal year already made by the government of Michel Martelly.

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Laurent Lamothe and Wilson Laleau invited to Parquet

Government Commissioner Danton Leger is once again making waves. He has invited both former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and former Finance Minister Wilson Laleau to appear in front of him next week. the chief prosecutors of Port-au-Prince wants to audition former Prime Minister Lamothe on his management of the PetroCaribe funds and also 5 billion gourdes released following hurricane Sandy .

Both former government officials are scheduled for next week. Wilson Laleau is invited to the Parque next Monday at 10:00 a.m. and Mr. Laurent Lamothe, on Tuesday at 10 am

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Laurent Lamothe against Olivier Martelly's involvement in stadium project

Laurent Lamothe admitted that he was against the nomination of Olivier Martelly, the son of President Michel Martelly to head a commission with the objective to supervise construction and renovation works of various parks and stadiums in the country. He judged that this was not useful; however, this position created lots of enemies for him, including people very close to the President

By the was, according to Laurent Lamothe in an interview given recently, his relationship with President Michel Martelly is not what it was when he was Prime Minister. Their relationship has taken a turn for the worst.

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Warrant issued against Roro Nelson after shunned two invitations

Contrary to what many people thought, Roro Nelson did show the weight of his "Melon" by not showing once again to an invitation on Friday of Government Commissioner of Port -au-Prince Danton Leger. After mocking the Haitian justice, a warrant was issued to forcefully bring him to court. According to spokesman prosecutors Mirlande Dupiche Prévost, the warrant was issued against Roro Nelson after he shunned two invitations of the Government Commissioner of Port -au-Prince me Danton Leger.

To be continued..........

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Jean Danton Leger proves Roro Nelson to be a bluffer

Roro Nelson attempted to bluff Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger; it did not work. We just learned that the all mighty aid to former President Michel Martelly is currently in front of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger, answering to accusations levied against him. The time of his appearance was Friday, April 15, 2016 at 1:00PM.

After this much publicized rejection from Roro Nelson to the invitation of Government Commissioner Danton Leger, I was expecting a more courageous reaction.

Does anyone remember the scene from Maurice Sixto: Ba Li Booloooova", I woud agree with the peanut street vendor:

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Senators Jean Renel Senatus and Youri Latortue, a marriage made in Hell

Senator Jean Renel Senatus (alias Zokiki) no longer wants to be associated with Youri Latortue Block in the Senate. He is now asking for a divorce. Our Senator suddenly realized that he did not know what he was getting into when he joined the Youri Latortue Block.

I just want to point out that this was not the case just a few days ago. I guess the environment was different. This was the time when political deals were being made and Senators and Deputies had the opportunity to bargain for positions in the new government that was supposed to be created.

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Senator Jean Marie Salomon unhappy, denounces colleagues

Senator Jean Marie Salomon is now selling a new image for himself. He wants to be the new anti-corruption Senator in the country. The Senator of South came out strong this week to denounce some the behaviors of his colleagues as well as President Jocelerme Privert he feels are reprimandable. Among the things he mentions are for instance problem with government vehicles and the manner in which they were distributed to the Senators, Fritz Carlos Lebon not providing financial report on the management of the Senate, some Senators receiving preferential treatments. He also got on the President's case with the nomination of Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon without consulting with him, contrary to what we have learned from President Jocelerme Privert.

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Deputy Gracia Delva accused of stealing two Generators

The population of Marchand-Dessalines took to the street on Monday Monday (April 11, 2016) to protest the ongoing blackout in their city. Some in the protest movement pointed the finger directly to their current Deputy Gracia Delva for causing the city blackout. According to some protesting, Former Kompas singer Gracia Delva took possession of two generators that the government of Michel Martelly had given to Marchand-Dessaline. They are accusing him of literally stealing these generators for his own benefits while leaving the city in completed darkness.

According to Gracia Delva: "I am not aware of that and I am not going to hide behind my job to steal the population"

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Roro Nelson did not respond to the invitation of Me Jean Danton Leger

Who will finally retreat. Two people with strong personality and self confidence are in a fight to show to the public who is the strongest. After much publicized invitation of Roro Nelson to present in Court yesterday, the man neither showed his face not present any excuse for his absence.

Roro Nelson did not respond to the invitation of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to answer to those complaints brought against him. In a press conference, the chief of Parquet of Port-au-Prince yesterday stated that a second letter will be sent shortly to Roro Nelson, inviting him once again. If he continues to ignore the request, actions provided by Haitian justice system will be taken against him.

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