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Jovenel Moise is not my Cousin, said Moise Jean Charles

This hopefully will put an end to the rumor. The rumor came from the leader of the Political Party OPL. Sauveur Pierre Etienne who came with the notion that the two Moises, Jovenel Moise and Moise Jean Charles whose real name is Jean Charles Moise would be blood relatives and that the two Candidates for President are Cousins. Moise Jean Charles did not waste time to react by denying any family tie with the Candidate of PHTK. He stated "Jovenel Moise is not my cousin". The candidate of Pitit Dessalines" I came from Milot in the North and Jovenel moise is from Trou-du-nNord in the north east.

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Guy Philippe wans Jocelerme Privert not to go after him

Guy Philippe is one man who does not wear his pants for good fabric. The Senate candidate of Grand'Anse sent a warning to President Jocelerme not to send any armed individuals in his direction as the government is trying to blame him for the recent attack on the Police Station in Cayes. His enemies are not in the Police Station in Cayes but instead at the National palace. Guy Philippe is also calling on the population of Grand'Anse to get ready to cut roads in case of an eventual attack; that he will do the rest because he has well prepared men ready to face the men of Privert.

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Wilson Laleau self invitation to Parquet did not affect his travel interdiction

The former Minister of Finance under Martelly-Paul administration, Wilson Laleau, is still unable to leave the country. Family members, friends living outside of the country will have to wait a while before they can see Mr. Laleau. Contrary to what his attorney, Reynold Geoges, has been saying that his client would not go to the Parquet, on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the former Minister of Finance invited himself to the Parquet de Port-au-Prince, hoping to convince the Chief of the Parquet to remove the travel restriction; however it did not happen. After spending more than two hours responding to various questions, he came out empty handed.

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Message delivered to Mathias Pierre as his enterprise strafed with bullets

Entreprise "Gama" in Delmas, a business owned by former Presidential candidate and current member of Pitit Dessalines platform was the scene of a crime. On the night between May 16 and 17, the enterprise was strafed with gunshots by unidentified individuals. This is what was announced by the owner, Mathias Pierre

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Vice- delegate of Miragoane, Samuel Bonheur, now a fugitive

On the night between May 13 an 14 in an area known as Chalon, a group of individuals dressed in green military uniforms were arrested by the Police as they were planning on attacking the Police Station in Miragoane. The 21 individuals arrested were heavily armed with gun, riffles, knives, and other. Investigation revealed that these people were driving a car belonging to vice delegate Samuel Bonheur.

The Vice-delegate Miragoâne, Samuel Bonheur, did not want to stay around to answer questions from the Police; instead he has decided to stay under cover for the time been.

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Guy Philippe rejects his involvement, stating Remy Teleus was coerced

This morning (Tuesday May 17, 2016) Guy Philippe denied any accusation that he was involved in the assault on the Commissariat in Cayes. On the airwaves of Radio Metropole, Guy Philippe denounced the accusations against him. He stated in the video currently circulating, Remy Teleus never mentioned his name. It was not until one of the reporters repeated his name to Remy Teleus that he confirmed that Guy Philippe sent him.

Since yesterday, following he attack on the Police station in Cayes, the attention has been focused on Guy Philippe. According to one of the bandits captured, Remy Teleus, Guy Philippe was the one who orchestrated this attack.

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Jonas Coffy replaced Rudy Heriveaux at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor

The leader of Party Ayisyen pou Ayiti, Jonas Coffy has been named to head the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor,
replacing Rudy Heriveaux. Both individuals have a Fanmi Lavalas background.

As early as few weeks ago, the president of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes, Robert Fritz St. Paul, Ariel Joseph Jean and Saint-Just Momprevil informed the press that they were in the process of bringing a lawsuit against Jonas Coffy for defamation after the later had accused them on a radio station of receiving bribed by René Préval in the case of Jacky Lumarque.

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Yves Germain Joseph revealed misuse of PetroCaribe fund with road construction

May, 2016 - Hearing of former Minister of Planning and External Cooperation(MPCE) Yves Germain Joseph, revealed that the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation contracted with the GTC Construction firm for the construction of 18 km of road connecting Fermathe road through Soisson to end at "Académie de Frères". The total amount of the contract was $ 22 million.

One: According to the former minister, the company received $ 21 million or over 95 percent of the total cost of the project for performing only 8 km road or 44 percent of the work.

Former Minister Yves Germain Joseph revealed that following this incomplete work, a new contract was signed by the MPCE with the same construction construction company for $ 45 million with also PetroCaribe funds.

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Michael Lecorps explaining with difficulties his involvement with PetroCaribe

The Former Director of Bureau of Monetary and aids Programs, Michael Lecorps, responded on Wednesday to the invitation of the Commission Anti-Corruption of the Senate. However, things were not easy for the former BMPAD Director at all. Michael Lecorps was unable to come up with acceptable justification for a contract signed between the Haitian government and the company ESD Engineering, also his services for the maintenance of the Electricity companies built by venezuela. Michael was making $888 thousand US dollars a Month working for that same company.

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Hillary Clinton with Haiti's President Rene Preval

Hillary Clinton during her tenure at the State had travelled to Haiti four times as often as she did in Japan, Afghanistan or Russia. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton had mentioned a number of times that his work in Haiti is "one of the great joys of my life." When Hillary visited Haiti in April 2009 as the Secretary of State, she met then Haitian President Rene Preval. To mention how Haiti has remained close to her heart, Hilary said when they visited Haiti as newlyweds, 34 years ago, they bought five Haitian paintings that have traveled with them in every house they have lived in, including the White House. She reminded Preval a proverb, "Beyond the mountains, there are mountains." That means you never get over the mountains, but we should make the journey, and then you see new challenges; you get better and stronger every day. And that is our hope for the people of this wonderful nation. In January 2010, Hillary defended Preval from criticism of his leadership following the devastating earthquake one week ago. However, in 2011, she flew to Haiti to pressure President René Préval to admit Mr. Martelly, a popular recording artist, into a two-person runoff for president by omitting Mr. Préval's handpicked successor, Jude Célestin, a state public works official.

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