Rene Preval going for baggage check at Airport unnoticed

What a difference power can make. Here is a picture of former Haitian President Rene Preval in line to check his baggage as he is leaving the country. There are no securities, no one to carry the luggage, no diplomatic room for him. The guy looks like a regular passenger getting ready to take his flight.


Some people see this as a sign of humility, suggesting that most would get straight to the front of the line without any regard to the others.

However, he is not anybody. Rene Preval has manage to be the only Haitian president to serve two full five year terms as President of Haiti. many would say he is the only president so far who really knows the Haitian people and how to deal with them. He is a master in Haitian politic.

But knowing former president Rene Preval, this is how the man is. This is the same Rene Preval who while he was president, would not hesitate to get behind a motorcycle to tet to the National Palace just because the traffic was heavy

This is Rene Preval?

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Jacky Dessalines says...

He is just feelling for him....he s not a criminal...

Killing man...a thief...can the other guy...the next after try that at...he will be very scare like a little lost puppy...he will be really like a scary cat....

And you will see Preval in Little he is just a very simple

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Bwa Sanfey says...

He is a simple man. Power does not change him. He never get mad when someone calls him "Ti Rene" even while

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