Star Pamela Anderson Runs First-Time Marathon for Haiti Relief

The ING New York City Marathon was held recently to raise funds for Haiti's reconstruction projects and relief agency work happening there. Canadian actress Pamela Anderson, formerly of Baywatch fame, participated in the race. She was representing non-profit organization, J/P HRO. A Haitian contingent also ran in the race, including Astrel Clovis, who completed the run in two hours and forty-six minutes. Clovis's team will be running next June 2014 in the Petion-Ville Half Marathon.


Pamela Anderson had never competed in a race before, but was game for the challenge. She had just six weeks to prepare. Her strenuous workouts several days a week helped her with endurance. She does a full-body workout, using free weights and cardio training. She ran with brother, Gerry, and raised $75,864 in funds for Haiti.

Anderson is also a member of PETA, an animal rights organization, with a website that dispenses information on animal abuse issues. She ran 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 41 minutes, injuring herself in the process, being a first-time marathon runner.

J/P HRO is a relief organization headed by American actor Sean Penn. His staff of 350 is 95% Haitian. HRO's current project is giving aid to tent city survivors of Haiti's lethal earthquake in 2010. At least one million earthquake survivors live in tent cities, plagued by unsanitary water, lack of healthcare, and prone to outbreaks of violence. The NYC Marathon, at last accounting, has raised close to $300,000 for Penn's organization.

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